All of America is on the side of Puerto Ricans, said President Joe Biden when he spoke in Ponce on the Caribbean island on Monday and announced millions in aid after Hurricane Fiona.

Just over two weeks ago, the storm cut power across the island and brought historic amounts of rain to Puerto Rico.

After landslides and severe flooding, more than 33,000 of the island's 3.1 million residents still have no running water and 94,000 have no electricity, according to Puerto Rico's emergency portal.

On his first visit as President to Puerto Rico, Biden announced $60 million in financial aid, primarily intended to secure the coastal regions of America's outer territory for the next storms.

Specifically, it is about securing dams, flood protection walls and a new flood warning system.

1,200 helpers from the National Coordination Office for Disaster Relief support the local authorities, among other things with rescue operations, caring for flood victims or restoring the power grid.

Puerto Rico is part of the territory of the United States, but it is not a state and its residents do not vote in presidential elections.

"We want to be treated the same as our American compatriots in times of need," Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi said Monday.

The island nation is still grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which killed more than 3,000 people in 2017.

Former President Donald Trump caused outrage when he threw rolls of paper towels into the crowd instead of handing them out normally during his visit after the natural disaster.

After the hurricane, Trump accused local politicians of being inactive and incompetent.

First Lady Jill Biden helped with volunteers at a school Monday to pack bags of groceries for those affected by the storm.

President Biden promised Governor Pierluisi that "everything that is possible" would be done for Puerto Rico.

Biden will travel to Florida this Wednesday to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Probably alluding to the tense relationship with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, the President said in Ponce that at times like this you put “political differences aside and get to work.

We are there when you need us.”