Kim Jong-wan, the leader of the band NELL, who went on the festival stage right after the mother statue, made the audience cry.

Nell participated in the second day of the '2022 Busan International Rock Festival' held in Busan on the 2nd and performed songs 'Comfort', 'Play', and 'Time to walk through memories'.

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On this day, before singing 'Time to Walk in Memory', Kim Jong-wan opened his mouth to the audience by saying, "Are you having a good time? The next song you'll sing is a song that needs your help."

Kim Jong-wan continued, "I don't usually do this kind of request, but today, I especially hope that you will sing this song out loud." "Actually, I sent my mother to heaven yesterday, and my mother really liked this song. (Everyone) I hope that you will sing this song out loud together,” he added and started the song.

Kim Jong-wan, who started singing with a trembling voice, wiped tears as if he was emotional during the stage, but eventually sang the song and showed a professional appearance.

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The audience at the scene remembered the time by leaving reviews such as "The reason why the chorus suddenly decreased because everyone was crying", "I cried and sang along from the introductory part", and "It was a moment I will never forget".

In addition, netizens who saw the scene in a video commented, "It's the first time I've seen Kim Jong-wan like that. I'm in tears", "Is it such a sad song? I hope you've gone to a good place", "It must be hard, but the way you do your best on stage is so touching and I have a sore throat. ", and so on.

Kim Jong-wan, who had his mother's funeral on the 29th of last month, announced through his agency that he plans to perform on stage immediately after his funeral.

At the time, the agency Space Bohemian said, "We plan to continue the performance to keep our promises with the organizers who have prepared for the event for a long time and with the fans who have already purchased tickets. This is also Kim Jong-wan's own will."

(Photo = YouTube 'gongrot')

(SBS Entertainment News editor Jeon Min-jae)