China News Service, Hangzhou, October 2nd,

Title : Zhejiang Culture Observation: Why "Persimmons" are "lucky" in the New Year

  Reporter Wang Titu

  The fire persimmon in the Xixi Wetland in Hangzhou, Zhejiang is "red"!

  Recently, the Hangzhou Xixi Fire Persimmon Festival kicked off.

At the scene, the fire persimmons are full of branches, tourists are like weaving, and the joy of harvest is everywhere.

I saw costumed Hanfu lovers create a 100-meter picture scroll together and pick ripe persimmons.

Photo courtesy of Xixi Wetland of Ripe Xixi Fire Persimmon

  There are currently more than 7,000 persimmon trees in Xixi Wetland. After the persimmons mature every year, part of Xixi Wetland will be kept on the trees for animals to make food and for tourists to watch.

The rest of the persimmons are picked by citizens and tourists.

  Many "citizens" turned into "persimmon people" to participate in the activities. The prosperous "Persimmon Ruyi" element is not only persimmon. In the flagship store of Xixi Wetland, Persimmon Ruyi Car Aromatherapy, Persimmon Ruyi Waterproof Paper Watch, Persimmon Ruyi Persimmon Ruyi sleep mask is very popular.

Photo courtesy of the Culture, Guangxi, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Putuo District, Putuo Peach Blossom Island, Zhoushan

  Xixi fire persimmon is transformed by giving the connotation of "everything goes well", it is no longer a simple agricultural product, but has become a characteristic cultural tourism industry with both cultural products and cultural experience, attracting tourists from all over the world to check in.

  In fact, like the Xixi Fire Persimmon Festival, the measures to create a characteristic cultural tourism industry through the transformation and development of cultural empowerment regional resources is an important choice for Zhejiang to promote regional kinetic energy adjustment, maintain ecological civilization, and achieve green development.

Photo courtesy of the Culture, Broadcasting, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Putuo District, Dongji Island, Putuo, Zhoushan

  For example, the Guanyin culture in Putuo Mountain, Zhoushan, Zhejiang is widely known, and its connotation represents the Chinese people's yearning and pursuit for a good marriage.

Relying on the Guanyin culture and the characteristics of the island, Zhoushan Putuo has built what is known as the most beautiful marriage registry, making the "Marriage Oath" a real scene.

It is reported that the newlyweds who register their marriage here can face Mount Putuo, stand on the seaside, swear to the sea, make a covenant to the mountain, and promote the "sovereignty" of love, which instantly fills the atmosphere and ceremony of receiving the certificate.

  In addition, the new marriage registration base has planned and designed a love theme park, an island marriage customs experience hall, etc., which not only gives a unique charm to marriage registration, but also strives to create a new landmark for marriage registration, an online celebrity check-in place, and a marriage customs culture experience center.

Photo by Wang Gang at the event site of the China (Hangzhou) New Year's Blessing and Luck Conference in previous years

  Zhoushan Putuo, relying on Guanyin culture and island characteristics, created the "Marriage of Eachother" to make the life scene of marriage more visible, perceptible, and more culturally appealing, attracting more newcomers from all over the world to come here for "Marriage of Eachother".

  The Hangzhou New Year's Blessing and Luck Conference was initiated by China News Agency.

The Lucky Conference is based on "lucky", the most cohesive special connotation in Chinese traditional culture. On the occasion of the new year, representatives from all walks of life and citizens along the canal are invited to join in the form of walking "lucky" along the Grand Canal to welcome the arrival of the new year. .

In previous years, at the China (Hangzhou) New Year's Blessing and Luck Conference, citizens and tourists punched in the "Healthy Gas Station" Photo by Wang Gang

  The "Lucky Conference" event will cultivate the world heritage culture and build a "Millennium Canal" cultural tourism brand system with Hangzhou characteristics.

Since its establishment, the IP of "Lucky Conference" has also become a city brand with profound cultural significance, integrating ancient and modern, presenting a contemporary expression of traditional culture.

  Culture is neither a material nor a currency. It is not that one spends less and one less, but the more it is used, the more developed it is, the more it is used, the more vitality it becomes, and the more it is used, the more localized, modernized and popular it becomes.

It is expected that more cultural empowerment regional resources will be "transformed" into new ideas for the development of cultural tourism industries in Zhejiang.