China News Service, Ningbo, October 2 (Xi Jinyan Shi Leilei) During the National Day holiday, there are tower cranes on the construction site of the Ningbo Phase I Project of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Double Line of Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Group. Large equipment such as cranes and concrete pump trucks shuttle back and forth, and the construction workers are busy. , together to present the most beautiful picture of labor.

More than 3,500 construction personnel from 90 teams on the whole line of the project stick to their posts, fight for the front line, and push forward the high-quality construction of the project at full speed.

  On this special day, when we talk about the two key words "founding the country" and "national day", it always carries the people's boundless patriotic feelings.

At this special moment, you may wish to walk into the construction site of the first phase of the Hangzhou-Ningbo double-track Ningbo project to listen to the stories of the "founding of the country" and "National Day".

"Post-70s" Xu Jianguo: A veritable "big craftsman"

"Post-70s" Xu Jianguo.

Photo by Zhang Tao

  Xu Jianguo, chief engineer of the S4 contract section of the Ningbo Phase 1 project of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Double Line of Zhejiang Jiaotong Engineering Co., Ltd., is also the leader of the "Xu Jianguo Party Member Innovation Studio" of the Ningbo Phase 1 of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Double Line.

Xu Jianguo has won more than 30 honors such as National Transportation Construction Craftsman, Zhejiang May 1st Labor Medal, Zhejiang Craftsman, Zhejiang Outstanding Communist Party Member, etc., and 34 of the innovative achievements he led research and development have won national patents.

  Speaking of the origin of the name, Xu Jianguo said: "I was born in the early 1970s, when my parents lived, the living conditions were relatively difficult, so my parents named me 'Jianguo'. A yearning for a better life."

  Xu Jianguo's hometown is in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, and he has been engaged in the expressway construction industry for nearly 30 years. Since the projects he participated in construction are all over the country, he, like most construction workers, chooses to spend every National Day on the construction site.

After coming to the Ningbo Phase I project of the Hangzhou-Ningbo double line in 2018, although it is less than 100 kilometers away from his hometown of Shaoxing, Xu Jianguo still chooses to fight with his fellow workers every holiday.

  "At present, the project is in a critical period of rapid progress. Everyone is going all out to speed up the construction progress. As the technical backbone of the project, of course I have to charge ahead." When he arrived at his family, tears began to glisten in his eyes: "Compared to my out-of-town coworkers, I am the closest to my home. After I have been busy for a while, I will go back to accompany my family."

"Post-90s" Liu Jianguo: Guard the "money bag" of workers

"Post-90s" Liu Jianguo.

Photo by Wang Zhiqin

  Liu Jianguo, head of the finance department of the S3 contract section of the Ningbo Phase I Project of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Double Line of the China Railway 15th Bureau, is a "post-90s".

  "In my generation, there are not many people named 'Jianguo', but maybe because my parents are railway soldiers, they always have a strong patriotic complex in their hearts, so they gave me this name." Speaking of The origin of the name, Liu Jianguo is full of emotion: "At first, I felt that the name my parents gave me was too common, but after I started working, maybe everyone felt more friendly and always loved 'Jianguo' and 'Jianguo' to call me this, I felt in my heart. Still quite happy."

  There are nearly 800 workers in the contract section of the project where Liu Jianguo works. Ensuring that the workers' wages are paid in place as soon as possible is the top priority of his daily work.

When asked if he could take a proper rest during the National Day, Liu Jianguo said: "Although we don't have to go to the banking institution during the National Day, we can take this time to go to the front-line team to check whether the workers' salaries have been paid in place. Now, let's see if you have any other needs."

  Liu Jianguo, whose hometown is in Gansu, is the only child of his family. After graduating from university in 2013, he has participated in the construction of expressway projects in Hunan and Zhejiang successively.

In 2018, I came to work on the first phase of the Hangzhou-Ningbo double line project in Ningbo. Since the couple was very busy on the construction site, the 6-year-old child could only be sent back to his hometown to be taken care of by the elderly.

Speaking of the child, Liu Jianguo was full of pride: "The child is very good in his hometown with his grandfather. Now he has video calls with us every day. When he starts primary school next year, we are going to bring him by his side, so that my wife and I can watch it every day. Here comes the child."

"Post-00" Liu Guoqing: "Conscientiously do every operation well"

"Post-00" Liu Guoqing.

Photo by Zhou Xiaoqian

  Liu Guoqing is a shy "post-00" young man. He is now the installation and hoisting worker of the S5 contract section of the Ningbo Phase I project of the Ningbo Jiaotong Engineering and Hangzhou-Ningbo Double Line. The long-term construction site life has made his thin cheeks a little more "sunshine".

  Speaking of his own name, Liu Guoqing talked about this experience of "mistakenly hit and hit": "At that time, my dad helped me to apply for a household registration, and I remembered that he hadn't helped me come up with a name, and remembered that one of my brother's names The word 'national', so everyone called it 'National Day'. That's how I chose this name."

  Liu Guoqing's hometown is in Handan, Hebei. In order to help his family reduce the burden, he and his fellow villagers came to the construction site of the first phase of the Hangzhou-Ningbo double-track Ningbo project when he was 18 years old.

It was this experience that made his eyes look a little more stable than his age.

  Asked about the secrets of the lifting operation on the construction site, Liu Guoqing said: "Actually it's nothing, just ask if you think about it if you don't understand. I still remember the first time I was lifting a beam on the construction site, looking at this 'big guy', In fact, I was still a little panicked. So, I asked the masters on the construction site in advance to ask about the weight and size, so that I could hang it up and be able to put it in and out." Literally mixed into the "teacher" on the construction site.

  Speaking of home, the young man in his early twenties said with a smile, "I work here, and my parents are very at ease. They can learn skills and earn money. The family is waiting for me to go home and build a house and marry a wife. Woolen cloth."

  This is the story of the "Founding of the People's Republic of China" and the "National Day" on the construction site of the Ningbo Phase I Project of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Double Line of Zhejiang Provincial Communications Group. There are many construction workers like them on the project. They are not afraid of wind, rain and difficulties. The festival still insists on fighting on the front line of project construction and contributes to the prosperity of the motherland with its own practical actions.