China News Service, Beijing, October 2nd (China News Entertainment reporter Lang Lang) In the ongoing movie hall, all light sources are focused on one person.

  The sound-absorbing soft bag swallowed up all the subtle noises, and invisibly amplified Li Bingbing's trembling voice due to choking.

  It has been more than half a year since the completion of the project, and she still has red eyes when she recalls the front and behind the scenes of "Ordinary Heroes".

The picture shows the movie "Ordinary Heroes" poster.

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"Desperately Sanniang" began to allow himself to be in a daze

  It has been a long time since I saw Li Bingbing.

The last time I saw her on the screen was in "The Megalodon" in 2018.

This rhythm is indeed not quite like the "Desperate Sanniang" who once set a record of working 327 days a year.

  Many people have heard this story: for the sake of the role, 37-year-old Li Bingbing learned English from scratch. The method is very traditional, that is, memorize: memorize it on the road, on the treadmill, memorize it when I eat, until I memorize the full English script, and was invited to memorize it in Copenhagen. Speech in English at the Global Climate Conference.

Many students have reposted Li Bingbing's koi posts when they take the CET 4 and 6 tests.

  "A person's life is very long, how you live a day is how you live your whole life." She said that ten years ago, and she still does it ten years later.

  In this interview, she personally confirmed all the details, from how much angle the lighting should be adjusted to what words should be displayed on the background poster.

She has always held high standards for herself.

  "If I don't exercise or learn something or do something really meaningful one day, I feel like I'm wasting my life and wasting my time," she said in an exclusive interview with

  But what is life?

In the four years away from the screen, although he still often criticized himself because of the lack of filming, Li Bingbing began to feel that he could allow himself to take a breath and be in a daze.

She tries not to think about how good she wants to be, accepts her ordinary place, pulls away her anxiety a little bit, rests at home for a while, or buys a beautiful bunch of flowers, enjoys every minute of being with her, accepts every Minutes belong to your life.

  All encounters in this world pay attention to the word "predestined".

Li Bingbing, who had a new feeling for life, met "Ordinary Heroes", which was adapted from the true story of "The Relay of Life of a Boy with Broken Arms Across 3,000 Miles".

  As a result, Li Bingbing, a reader who was originally moved by seeing this news and wanted to know the ending, became Zhou Yan, the flight attendant of CZ6820 who saved people in danger in "Ordinary Heroes", and participated in writing the ending of the story.

The picture shows a still from the movie "Ordinary Hero" Li Bingbing.

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As a flight attendant more as a person

  There is a widely circulated video on major social media platforms: After filming the scene of dressing the little boy on the plane, Li Bingbing walked out of the picture, burst into tears, and cried to the point of trembling.

  This was an emotional outburst that was not required in the script. The director who saw this scene at the time quickly called the cameraman.

  This scene is about the process of the plane taking off, the cabin is pressurized, and the children's wounds ooze blood and need to be bandaged.

At the moment when the bandage was removed and the wound was exposed, Li Bingbing felt that his heart was being twisted.

Although she knew that special effects makeup would be used during filming, Lili Lala's "wound" made her believe that it was real.

  She remembered that she learned to ride a bicycle when she was a child, fell on the sand, her two knees were bruised, and the pain was unbearable when she applied some medicine.

And this child's arm was broken from the upper arm, what a pain!

  Li Bingbing was a little helpless.

Although she had received professional training before the filming, she was still a little nervous about dealing with such a serious "wound".

  During the process of removing the old gauze, the little actor would cry out in pain every time it was removed.

"When he said it hurt, I was even more nervous and trembling, and my whole body was sweating." "Baby, I'm sorry, it's Auntie's fault..." "I'm sorry child... Auntie made you hurt..." For a while, In the play, Li Bingbing didn't know what to say to comfort the injured child, or what to do to prevent him from hurting.

  On the surface, we can see that the flight attendant Zhou Yan maintained a calm and professional attitude as much as possible, comforting the child and bandaging the wound; where he could not see, Li Bingbing's emotions were like a rising tide that was about to burst.

This surging emotion has been surrounding her until now, and in the process of telling, she choked up for a while.

  After the dressing was completed, Li Bingbing couldn't take it anymore. She hastily packed her medical supplies, turned and walked to the front cabin outside the painting, tears streaming down her face.

  "Although she is the flight attendant, she is also a human being. No matter who she is, no matter how much responsibility she has and how strong the ability to withstand pressure, when she returns to a person, facing such a tragic scene, her heart will definitely be touched." Li Bingbing What's more, the character archetype is also a mother, and it's too painful to watch a child about the same age as his own get hurt.

  So, at this moment, she hid in a place with no one, pulled the curtain, and released her emotions.

After all, she is still the flight attendant of flight CZ6820. After stabilizing her emotions, she has to manage the entire plane to ensure that everyone landed safely.

  This play is done in one go, one by one.

The picture shows Li Bingbing and the character prototype.

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Who says a hero is the one who stands in the light?

  The moment the movie was completed and Li Bingbing boarded the flight home, Li Bingbing was a little dazed.

  It seems that he has returned to the shooting scene again, the same cabin, the same equipment, the same uniform, but he is no longer the flight attendant Zhou Yan.

  "...Our aircraft is experiencing turbulence. Please fasten your seatbelt..." Familiar words and intonations stimulated the memory.

The scene at the time of filming was like a movie montage that "cracked it all in".

  Multiple cameras, lighting engineers, radio engineers, makeup artists, prop artists, actors... In the small cabin, some people are kneeling, some people are lying on their stomachs, and people are squeezed into all kinds of strange and twisted poses, just to present a good shot .

In Xinjiang in November, everyone was sweating profusely.

  The shooting scene is strict, and each department has its own rules. When a team member fails to keep up with the shooting rhythm, they will inevitably be reprimanded.

  "Many people may have grievances in their hearts. It's not that they don't work hard, but they are limited by objective reasons, and they will indeed be affected." Speaking of this, Li Bingbing choked again.

  "We can watch a movie for more than an hour in the cinema today, there are countless invisible staff behind the scenes, and it is every little effort they put in to make the final movie. Aren't they ordinary heroes? Who said standing Are those in the light a hero?"

  Li Bingbing's voice landed, and some people at the interview site applauded softly.

  "In fact, everyone is living and working very hard to become the very good version of themselves that they want." Li Bingbing said, "Just like me, I also want to be a better version of myself, and I want to see look better."

  On the return plane, the flight attendants preparing for takeoff overlapped with the scene in memory. Li Bingbing was very emotional, took out her mobile phone, turned on the flight mode, and wrote a small composition.

  She wrote at the end: I look forward to watching the "Ordinary Heroes" filmed by a group of ordinary heroes with you, sharing the greatness of ordinary people with you, and experiencing the pure goodwill from the bottom of my heart between ordinary people and strangers.