According to the weatherman, on the night of Monday, rains associated with the Balkan cyclone will charge.

“Up to 20 mm of precipitation will fall on the capital region, which is about 30% of the entire monthly norm.

Tomorrow afternoon +12...+14°C, +10...+15°C in the region,” said Tishkovets.

He added that a cold front will pass on Tuesday.

“Night +5...+10°С, daytime +8...+13°С.

Wednesday also rainy.

At night +4...+9°С, in the daytime +6...+11°С.

Thursday without significant precipitation.

+3...+8°С at night, +8...+13°С during the day," the forecaster said.

Starting Friday and over the weekend, the weather, according to the expert, will be controlled by the "northern periphery of the anticyclone."

“Therefore, partly cloudy, no precipitation, air temperature at night + 5 ... + 10 ° С, during the day + 11 ... + 16 ° С, at weekends + 12 ... + 17 ° С, ”concluded the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand said that in October the average monthly temperature is expected to be within the climatic norm in most Russian regions, in some regions the temperature will be above the norm.