[Explanation] On Ma Chang Road in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, there is a bakery called "Zhu Meng Baking", which is run by people with hearing impairments.

The four people in the bakery work together to start a business and have a clear division of labor. They are responsible for making bread, coffee, pastries and operating four businesses.

It has been in operation for more than four months and is already on the right track.

It is understood that they are all from Zhejiang Special Education Vocational College.

  【Concurrent】Baker Qian

  To be successful, you must have a team.

Our teams, each with their own team's (issues).

The team must have tacit understanding, unity, (there must be) motivated thinking, and there are many things (considerations) for the future of the store.

  [Explanation] Everything is difficult at the beginning. For ordinary people, opening a store will be a very troublesome thing, and Fu Qian and the others will naturally encounter more difficulties.

They learned the technology in school, but in other aspects such as shop opening, cost control, operation, etc., they all groped themselves from scratch.

The most important thing is to communicate with customers.

It can be found that many places in the store have marked the situation of hearing-impaired people in the store.

And the writing board placed on the cashier has naturally become a bridge between them and customers.

Despite facing various difficulties since the beginning of business, Fu Qian has always adhered to the original intention of starting a business.

The quality of raw materials is strictly controlled, and the bread sold is made and processed on the same day.

So after 4 months of trial and error, the operation of the bakery is on the right track.

He emphasized the importance of product quality more than once.

  【Concurrent】Baker Qian

  Quality, our quality must be guaranteed.

In the stores we make, the most important thing is to do good bread, good cakes, and good coffee.

Because this (is) the brand of the store, if the customer is satisfied, the customer will (will) come back to buy here.

If it is not done well and not satisfied, he will not come here to buy it.

There will never be (have) repeat customers.

The first taste is very important.

  [Explanation] Because I have been in the rain, I understand the meaning of an umbrella holder.

Fu Qian said frankly that the help of the school and the Disabled Persons' Federation is indispensable for this store to go smoothly today.

To a certain extent, the exemption of rent and contact and cooperation have reduced the difficulty of starting a business.

Now, since the store has been successful, he also hopes to use this as a springboard to help more juniors and juniors better adapt to the society.

  【Concurrent】Baker Qian

  We have three majors that can help them (solve) access to employment.

For example, if you want to make a coffee, you can.

Come to us (here), experience it, and learn latte art.

We can teach you.

And then by the time (wait) your internship is over, you go out to work, look for a job, (it will) take it easy.

Don't be so nervous about the interview.

  [Explanation] The business of the store is inseparable from the support of customers. Even if it is getting late, there are still old customers who come to visit.

For four months, Dream Building Baking formed a friendship with them.

  【Concurrent period】Customer Mr. Yan

  Bought once.

I think his cakes are delicious and cute.

So it will, and it will come many times later.

Then make a reservation for him in advance.

In fact, it may be unintentional the first time, and then later, I found that the service, including his products, are all ok.

And the food is delicious, and their service is great.

  [Concurrent] Customer Ms. Zhao

  Mainly I think they make the bread with heart, and then the taste is better.

Bringing children over, they will bring some drinks, such as milk.

Including just now, when I was buying bread, he saw me put another bread down, and he would give me a bread, and the service was very good.

Then, in addition, I also feel like I'm supporting them to start a business, such an idea is in it.

So I often come here to buy things.

  [Explanation] On one wall in the store, there are pictures they took, about coffee, about each other, and about life.

They put their expectations for beauty bit by bit into the word "build a dream".

It was late at night, and they were still busy with the orders in hand.

  Reported by Shen Yishan and Xiao Jian from Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Responsible editor: [He Sanli]