Making A Scene

, a book collecting several of her essays, Constance Wu reveals that she was the victim of a rape.

An attack that took place at the beginning of his career, and whose culprit was an "aspiring novelist" named Ty.

"He didn't look threatening or suspicious in any way, and if you had been there, you would have agreed with me.

Some people might say I should have defended myself against Ty.

But if I could turn back time, I wouldn't change the way I reacted that night,” the

Crazy Rich Asians

star wrote in an excerpt posted by

Vanity Fair


If the actress had first consented to intimate relations with this man during their second meeting, this one will have remained deaf to his refusal to continue and to go further.

An attack that she had not denounced at the time, not only because she had not immediately realized that she had been raped, but also because she was not ready to face the consequences of such speech.

The right moment

"When I think of the girl I was then, I understand what she was going through," Constance Wu continued. making a scene.

And I wouldn't make her do anything until she was ready.


For English-speaking readers,

Making A Scene

comes out on October 4th.

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