[Explanation] On October 1st, the "Thousands of sails racing the sea and fishing full load, Mazu ceremony to celebrate a good year" prayer activity on both sides of the Taiwan Strait was held in Hui'an County, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. More than 30 Mazu admirers from both sides of the strait prayed to Mazu according to ancient rituals. Inherit the cultural connotation of Mazu and enhance the emotional and cultural identity of the people on both sides of the strait.

  [Explanation] At the event site, compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait jointly celebrated the farmers' harvest festival by restoring the traditional Mazu sacrifice ceremony.

In 2018, inspired by the Mazu culture, Zhang Qi, who came from Taiwan to the Mazu Temple on Wangchuan West Street, Hui'an County, was also one of the chief priests of the ceremony.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Qi, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mazu Temple, Wangchuan West Street, Hui'an

  (This time) many Taiwanese businessmen came to join in the grand event and participated in this event for the Mazu culture. This is also our Mazu Temple on West Wangchuan Street. It is the first time from the Ming Dynasty to the present, and it may be the first time that it has been held like this today. big event.

  [Explanation] According to Sun Zixuan's introduction to the blessing ceremony, the ceremony is based on the content recorded in the "Huian County Chronicle", restoring Mazu's "three offerings" ceremony, highlighting the cultural connotation of "praying for health, peace, and happiness", which is Haisi A good demonstration of cultural heritage.

  [Concurrent] Sun Zixuan, curator of Yiyixiang Mazu Cultural Exhibition Hall

  This is a very good event that takes Mazu as a link and then unites compatriots on both sides of the strait.

Because we can see that the scene is very hot today, but everyone still persevered and finished the whole process, I feel very happy.

Also because today is the 73rd anniversary of the motherland's birthday, then we are holding this blessing event on such a good day, then I also feel a special honor, and then it is also the compatriots on both sides of the strait to celebrate the birthday of our motherland, then I think very happy.

  [Explanation] Mazu is the most influential "sea protector" on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In Taiwan, there are more than 16 million followers of Mazu.

Today, Mazu culture has become one of the most closely linked spiritual ties between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

  Ke Ning Wu Guanbiao reported from Quanzhou, Fujian

Responsible editor: [Liu Xian]