In Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, an event was held for the first time in three years to make a huge fried chicken of about one tatami mats to promote the specialty fried chicken.

The product exhibition in the Tochio area of ​​Nagaoka has been canceled for two years due to the new colon virus, but it was held for the first time in three years, and on the 2nd, sales corners such as local vegetables and sake. Was set up.

At the venue, in order to promote the fried fried chicken from the Edo period, a huge fried fried chicken for about 1,000 people, about one tatami mats and the number of people, was also held.

When the fabric is put in a dedicated kettle with over 300 liters of oil, the color of "Gambare and Chio" emerged on the surface in about an hour.

Locally, it is called "ovrage", and it is characterized by twice thicker than usual, and the visitors enjoyed the freshly fried taste.

The person who ate the fried chicken said, "It's fluffy, soft, tasty, and delicious."

Kitamura, chairman of the Tochio Tourism Association, said, "It was good that many people, from children to the elderly, were crowded."