From this month, police across the country will introduce a system on a trial basis to send images of incidents and accidents from the smartphone of the person who called 110.

With this system, when you call 911, you can use the camera function of your smartphone or tablet device to send images of the scene of an incident, accident, or disaster.

When the police receives a 110 call and determines that a video of the scene is necessary, it sends a short message to the caller while the phone is connected. It is a mechanism that connects the camera function of

Since the situation at the scene can be grasped by video, it can be expected to speed up the initial investigation.

A similar system has been introduced by the Hyogo Prefectural Police since two years ago, and has received 495 videos so far. Since the degree and scale of an accident can be determined immediately, necessary materials and equipment can be considered in advance, leading to faster response.

The system is compatible with English, Chinese, and Korean, and the National Police Agency is aiming for full-scale introduction in April next year after a trial period.