China News Service, Beijing, October 1st (Reporter Gao Kai) According to the data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 16:54 on October 1st, the total box office (including point screenings and pre-sale) of new films on National Day in 2022 has exceeded 300 million yuan (RMB, the same below), "The Journey Home" currently leads the box office with 202 million yuan (including screening and pre-sale).

  A total of 7 films have been set for National Day this year, including "Homecoming", "Iron Will" and "Ordinary Heroes" to be released on September 30, and 3 animated films "New Cinderella 2" and "I Am Overlord" to be released on October 1. Dragon", "New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 5: My Alien Friend" and "Search and Rescue" which will be released on October 3.

  On the first day of the National Day file, "A Long Way Home", which had the highest popularity and pre-sale box office rankings, was not expected to continue to lead.

This film, directed by Rao Xiaozhi and starring Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai, Yin Tao, etc., is adapted from the real evacuation incident. It tells the story of Chinese diplomats, in order to protect the safety of overseas compatriots, in exotic dangers, with courage and wisdom to open a life channel s story.

  It is followed by "Ordinary Heroes" and "Iron Will", which currently have box office of 41.71 million yuan and 24.42 million yuan respectively.

These two films are the same theme works as "The Journey Home".

"Iron Will" is adapted from real history, showing the historical process of the birth of the first molten iron in New China.

"Ordinary Hero" is based on the real story of "rescue and rescue the boy with broken arm in Hotan, Xinjiang". It tells the story of a 7-year-old boy who broke his arm accidentally and completed emergency treatment across 1,400 kilometers within the golden eight hours.

  While the theme of the main theme leads the national day of the film, the children's films such as "The New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 5" and "I Am Tyrannosaurus Rex" are based on creating a "family fun" viewing experience, which has also attracted the corresponding viewing groups at present.

  Previously, the State Film Administration stated that while adhering to the prevention and control of the epidemic, it will take multiple measures to stimulate film production and consumption and promote the orderly recovery of the film industry through activities such as the film consumption season for the benefit of the people and the issuance of film viewing coupons.