China News Service, Nanchang, October 1 (Reporter Liu Zhankun) China News Service reporter learned from a press conference on drought relief and disaster relief in Jiangxi Province on the 30th that the drought disaster has affected 4.814 million people in Jiangxi, and more than 200,000 people need life assistance due to the drought.

  Li Shiqin, deputy secretary-general of Jiangxi Provincial Defense Index and chief engineer of Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Department, said at the press conference that since late June this year, the nearly 100 days of sunny, hot, high temperature and little rain weather in Jiangxi Province have continued, and the water levels of rivers, lakes and reservoirs have continued to decline. , the water level of some sections of many rivers has reached new lows, the water storage of reservoirs has dropped sharply, the number of dry mountain ponds has increased, and the soil moisture shortage has been serious.

Drought continues to intensify, and the task of ensuring safe drinking water and agricultural irrigation is arduous.

The picture shows that at the Jiangbian Electric Power Drainage and Irrigation Station in Changyi Township, Xinjian District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, on the banks of Poyang Lake, workers pump water from the outer river diversion canal to irrigate farmland.

(Data map) Photo by Liu Zhankun

  At 12:00 on September 27, the emergency response to drought in Jiangxi Province was upgraded to Level 2.

Li Shiqin said that in the face of severe drought, Jiangxi Province's defense index is based on the fight against severe and prolonged drought, closely related to water supply, stable production, proactive, timely, and front-end, and goes all out to do a good job in drought relief and disaster relief. Work.

  According to reports, the drought disaster presents the characteristics of high temperature, less rainfall, low water level, sharp reduction in reservoir water storage, and a wide range of impacts.

Since July this year, the province's average temperature has been 2°C higher than the same period in history, ranking first in the same period since complete meteorological records were available in 1961; the province's average rainfall was only 135 mm, more than 60% less than the same period in the previous year, also listed The 1st low in the same period in history.

On September 6, an excavator works beside a dug water storage well at the Duobao Township Forest Farm in Duchang County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, by the Poyang Lake.

(Data map) Photo by Liu Zhankun

  Statistics show that as of 4:00 pm on September 29, the drought disaster has affected all districts and cities in Jiangxi Province, 115 counties (cities, districts, including functional areas), 4.814 million people have been affected, and more than 20 million people need life assistance due to drought. There are 10,000 people, nearly 18,800 people need to be rescued due to the difficulty of drinking water, the affected area of ​​crops is 9.922 million mu, and the total harvest is 1.143 million mu.

The picture shows that on September 29, the Nanchang section of the Ganjiang River continued to maintain low water levels.

Photo by Liu Zhankun

  According to reports, the central government currently supports Jiangxi Province with 30 million yuan in natural disaster relief (drought relief) funds, 1.073 billion yuan in agricultural production and water conservancy relief funds, 304 million yuan in one-time subsidies for actual grain farmers, and 120 million yuan in provincial drought relief funds. All emergency allocations were made to various places for drought relief and disaster relief.

At the same time, all localities took the initiative to increase investment in drought relief and disaster relief. According to preliminary statistics, the province has invested 3.0206 million person-times in drought relief, 74,300 electromechanical wells, 22,700 pumping stations, 426,200 sets of motor equipment, and 21,500 water transport vehicles.

  Li Shiqin said that in the later period, the possibility of continuous drought in summer, autumn and winter in Jiangxi Province is extremely high, and the situation of drought relief and disaster relief will be even more severe. It is an arduous task and a heavy responsibility to guard drinking water safety, ensure agricultural irrigation, protect people's livelihood and promote development. Jiangxi will resolutely fight it well. Win the tough and protracted battle against drought and disaster relief.