The library of the late Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi included more than 100 books written by him, and through my reading of some of these books, I can say that what distinguished this library are the following:

  • It is an intellectual, doctrinal, doctrinal and literary library, and an outlook for the future.

  • This library was built on a discourse of optimism and constant affirmation that the future belongs to Islam, and that the next century is the century of the Islamic nation, and that we are at the gates of a righteous caliphate on the method of prophecy that will fill the earth with equity and justice after it has been filled with injustice and oppression, and there is no perpetuation of eternal injustice nor eternal falsehood.

  • It is a moderate library that combines adherence to the principles and understanding of reality, and then formulating the fatwa in the light of this combination of them. With this moderation, this library has become a reference for every Muslim man and woman, and for every Muslim family in all the earth.

  • It is a library that was built on the synergy between our Islamic Arab-Palestinian constants. These three fundamentals cannot collide, but rather complement each other at the level of the circle of the Islamic nation, Arabism and Palestinian patriotism. About the circle of the Islamic nation or the presentation of Palestinian patriotism as an alternative to Arabism, his efforts will be rejected.

  • This library has endeavored all the time to talk about the issue of Palestine as the cause of the entire Islamic nation, and as the cause of the entire Arab world, in addition to being the cause of the Palestinian people, because this issue combines these three Arab Islamic and Palestinian origins.

    This comprehensive library was not just a static library, and it was not just ink on paper. Rather, the late scholar Sheikh Al-Qaradawi worked hard to translate many of the proposals in this library into vibrant practical projects, and his long and broad biography confirms this to us.

  • The late scholar Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, through his comprehensive library, succeeded in presenting the Islamic project as a civilized alternative for all the people of the earth that seeks to spread global social justice, world peace, universal human dignity, and universal adult freedom, through an Islamic rule of sovereignty, authority and protection on the method of prophethood that has the ability to Renewing its civilized role, which had the ability to innovate and invest in technology for the happiness and advancement of mankind, away from the greed of the earthly systems with their various names that are working today to perpetuate their hegemony, subjugation and loftyness on earth and drag people into chaos of wars, arms trade and manipulation of the earth’s bounties, its climate and its stashed treasures that God created Almighty grace for this faltering humanity these days.

  • This comprehensive and prohibitive library succeeded in standing in the way of everyone who tried to distort the proper understanding of the Islamic project by claiming victory for this project. Therefore, this prohibitive university library did not compromise with those who adopted the line of atonement for other advocates of the Islamic project and its sons, with all the old and new names for the followers of this penitential line who Some of them exaggerated and licked the blood of Muslims, took their lives, and plundered their property.

  • This comprehensive library has succeeded in enriching the literary movement with a number of poetry collections and purposeful plays, such as the play (A World and a Tyrant), and as everyone knows, many of these collections’ poems have turned into chants that are frequented by many committed Islamic anthems, and are still hesitant until now. On the tongues of all of us, who among us has never said:

Muslims Muslims Muslims... Where truth and justice will be

We accept death and refuse to be insignificant... For the sake of God, how sweet the pleasures

Who among us has never said:

 By God, supplications are never defeated by harm...never and in history, my right is righteous

Put the cuff in my hand, inflame my ribs... With the whip, put my neck on the knife

You will not be able to block my thoughts for an hour...or take away my faith and the light of my certainty

The light is in my heart and my heart is in my hand... my Lord and my Lord is my helper and my helper

I will hold fast to the rope of my faith... and die smiling so that my religion may live

I think it is necessary to stress that this comprehensive and preventative library was not just a static library, and it was not just ink on paper. Rather, the late scholar Sheikh Al-Qaradawi worked hard to translate many of the proposals in this library into vibrant practical projects, and his long and broad biography confirms us that.

He is the one who laid the first building block for Qatar University, and he is the one who laid the solid foundations upon which the College of Sharia in Qatar was built, and he who contributed to building scientific edifices in Malaysia and Algeria, and he is the owner of the idea of ​​the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and perhaps what we do not know is more than what we know.

The late scholar Sheikh Al-Qaradawi made his library like the carpet of the wind that he wandered about and brought him to the site of every wound in the march of our Islamic nation and our Arab world, along with carrying the concerns of the Palestinian cause. Various sites about various concerns when it was not forbidden to meet and talk with him. For example, but not limited to, I met him at an international Islamic conference to support the Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the tragedy that befell them, behind which stood the Serb thugs and those who supported them from the Western and Eastern Crusader forces.

I met him at an Islamic conference in London on which the Institute of Islamic Studies was chaired by Professor Abdul Fattah Al-Owaisi. The message of that conference was the support of the blessed Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque. With him at an international conference in support of Al-Quds and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Istanbul, on which the International Al-Quds Committee was established, and I met him at the annual conference of the International Islamic Council for Call and Relief in Cairo, where the late Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Gad Al-Haq, was standing at the head of that council.

Then, communication with the late scholar Sheikh Al-Qaradawi was cut off after the Israeli establishment banned it. Therefore, based on this ban, one of my accusations in the file (Al-Aqsa Hostages), which began in 2003, was that I said over the phone on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha to the late scholar Sheikh Al-Qaradawi: Happy New Year.

In conclusion, I can only say: I ask God Almighty to have mercy on His Eminence Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and to honor him in heaven with the prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs and the righteous.

Some of my memories with the scholar Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: