The Ministry of the Environment has added chemical substances contained in some fire extinguishing agents used in factories, etc., to the "designated substances" that require notification to local governments when they are discharged outside due to an accident. decided to

Organic fluorine compounds called "PFOS" and "PFOA" contained in some foam extinguishers installed in factories and other places of business in preparation for fires have been pointed out to be harmful, and the manufacture of these products is prohibited in Japan. It has been.

However, the use of products made before the ban is not subject to regulation, and the Ministry of the Environment has decided to add it to the "designated substances" because there are concerns about the environmental impact when discharged to the outside.

By adding it to the designated substances, businesses will be obliged to notify the local government when it is discharged outside due to an accident, etc., and the monitoring system by the local government will be strengthened.

Furthermore, the Ministry of the Environment is collaborating with the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to call for replacement with new foam extinguishing agents that do not contain PFOS.

Regarding PFOS, problems such as the detection of values ​​exceeding national guidelines in May and July this year from the drainage of the US military base in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture have occurred.