In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mila Kunis returned to the ordeal that hit her family three years ago.

In the summer of 2020, Ashton Kutcher announced that he had been diagnosed, a few months before, with a rare form of vasculitis, an autoimmune disease which inflames blood vessels and can affect vision, hearing and balance. .

A real blow for the actor and his family even as the pandemic broke out.

“It happened just before covid, so it was three years ago.

I don't think you have time to sit and chat, you just take matters into your own hands,” the actress explained.

Truce of blabla

“You move forward and you cope, no matter what health concern gets in your way.

But you still have children and a family.

You have to live your life,” continued Mila Kunis.

“And I think we're lucky to have each other.

But we can't just sit and talk endlessly about things.

You must act.


It had taken Ashton Kutcher nearly a year to recover from the diagnosis.

Today, the actor is in great shape and he is even preparing to run a marathon!


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