Take a good walking "big ideological and political course"

  Our reporter Li Qiyao

  Yesterday morning, in Tiananmen Square, amid the resounding national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rose slowly.

More than a thousand teachers and students from Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing University of Technology, Capital Normal University and other colleges and universities stood facing the national flag, saluted and sang the national anthem, wishing the great motherland prosperity...

  This viewing ceremony opened the prelude to a series of themed practice activities of "Celebrating the 20th National Congress and Entering a New Era" in capital colleges and universities.

During the National Day holiday this year, the Municipal Education Working Committee and the Municipal Education Commission organized students from various colleges and universities in Beijing to carry out rich practical activities, so that college students can enjoy the holiday and take a good walking "big ideological and political class".

  Feel the development of the motherland in the new era in the exhibition

  Yesterday, the achievement exhibition on the theme of "Forward a New Era" was full of youthful atmosphere.

Ma Junjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), and Huang Xiankai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Technology and Business University, respectively led teachers and students into the Beijing Exhibition Hall.

"This exhibition allows more people to see the development of the motherland, the progress of society, and the rejuvenation of the nation, which is of great significance." Wang Jiawei, a counselor at China University of Geosciences (Beijing), said that the Chinese dream will surely be in the relay struggle of generations of youth. accomplish.

During this year's National Day holiday, about 14,000 teachers and students will enter the "Forward New Era" theme achievement exhibition, feel the great achievements and great changes of the Party and the country in the new era, think about and understand the power behind the changes, and have patriotism in mind. , Doing diligently to serve the country.

  College students also praised the motherland with their own creations.

On the same day, more than 160 artworks created by students from more than 30 colleges and universities were exhibited at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, showing contemporary college students' feelings about the changes around them and their understanding of the new era from a unique perspective.

The Municipal Education Working Committee will also conduct exhibitions in 13 colleges and universities including the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences through online and offline "sending exhibitions into schools" to educate people with beauty.

  The patriotism of the party is deeply planted in the venue

  Venues such as the History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China, the Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, and the Red Building of Peking University have also become "Internet celebrity check-in places" for teachers and students in colleges and universities to visit and study. At the scene, teachers and students passed on the red gene in the visit and experience, and cultivated the love of the party and patriotism.

  Yesterday morning, Qiu Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, led 120 teachers and students to the History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China.

Real pictures, historical relics, and precious videos made the teachers and students immersed in moving and thinking.

Zhang Qihong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College, led teachers and students into the Red Building of Peking University.

Li Jiahao, a student of the school, was deeply touched, he said: "I seem to have returned to those turbulent years, and saw the scene of a group of intellectuals thinking hard about the way to save the country and the people at the time when the country and the nation were in danger , feel their noble patriotism and fearless heroism."

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education Working Committee said that in order to let college students in Beijing spend a meaningful holiday, colleges and universities focus on visiting and studying in red venues, design and organize patriotic education activities, and guide students to learn forge ahead in the study of party history. .

  Looking at the changes in rural revitalization from the field

  During the National Day holiday, the Municipal Education Working Committee and the Municipal Education Commission will also organize 200 college student representatives to walk into the experimental field of Beijing Agricultural College, learn about new agricultural technologies in the fields, and visit the achievement exhibition of the “Rural Revitalization” Action Plan for Teachers and Students in Capital Colleges and Universities to experience the experience. New changes in rural revitalization.

  Colleges and universities will also carry out a series of activities online and offline to "learn it", "sing it up", "talk it up" and "do it up" to enrich students' holiday life; Ten majors create a strong atmosphere.

When planning activities, colleges and universities also carefully formulated prevention and control plans and emergency plans, and tried to carry out small-scale activities outdoors. According to preliminary statistics, colleges and universities will hold 1,756 on-campus activities.