Forty-five victims of pedocrime in the Church have had or will soon receive financial compensation, announced on Friday the president of the Independent National Authority for Recognition and Reparation (Inirr), who also specified that she had "strengthened" her teams. .

At the end of September, out of 1,004 claims for compensation registered with the Inirr since the beginning of the year, "60 decisions have been rendered, 45 of which include a financial component", declared Marie Derain de Vaucresson during a conference of press which was held almost a year after the publication of the shock report of the Sauvé commission on pedocrime in the Catholic Church since 1950.

A file to submit

Created by the episcopate in November 2021, the Inirr offers reparations to victims of priests or lay people in dioceses, establishments or Catholic youth movements, etc.

(with the exception of congregations).

The request, when it includes a financial component, is assessed on the basis of “three scales of gravity” and can go up to a maximum of 60,000 euros.

Of these 45 files with a financial component, 23 were paid by Selam, the Fund for the relief and fight against abuse of minors in the Catholic Church, the structure which pays financial reparations once the decisions of the Inirr have been rendered. .

The other 22 decisions "are being finalized" and will soon be sent to this fund, according to Ms. Derain de Vaucresson.

A need for recognition

And in total, 160 situations are being processed, that is to say that the person is accompanied by a "referent" person.

Some victims also express the need for other recognition - not financial this time - which involves a desire to "write", to participate in a "talk group", to practice "art therapy", or even to “meet a person from the diocese”, underlined the president.

She also indicated that her body was "adjusting its way of working", with the concern for greater "proximity" and "stronger humanization" of support.

"It may take time, but that's because the process is unique," she said.

The Inirr listens to the victims

In addition, the Inirr, which had three salaried referents, “reinforced” its teams, moving to “seven referents” salaried (who work 3/5ths of the time) and five volunteers.

However, “15 full-time equivalents” would be necessary for this first year, Derain said, wishing, in the coming weeks, to move to a “clear acceleration” in the processing of requests.

Another body, the Recognition and Reparation Commission (CRR), was created for the victims of aggressors within religious congregations, offering them mediation.

When questioned, she affirmed that out of 400 files falling within her competence, “at least 15 victims were paid by religious congregations”, including 4 for amounts relating to the 50,000-60,000 euro tranche.


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