The struggle continues.

The strikers of most of the French TotalEnergies refineries are demanding an increase in wages taking account of inflation.

They decided Friday to extend the movement which was originally due to end Thursday evening after three days of work stoppage, said the CGT, at the origin of the movement.

At the bio-refinery of La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône), as in the refineries of Normandy, near Le Havre, whose shutdown has begun for safety reasons, or Feyzin, in the agglomeration Lyonnaise, for example, the movement was renewed.

On the other hand, it is suspended at the Donges refinery (Loire-Atlantique) "until the beginning of next week", just like at the Grandpuits fuel depot, Eric Sellini, CGT coordinator for the group, told AFP.

10% revaluation

The strikers want to obtain a salary increase for 2022, taking inflation into account.

Management refers to a negotiation meeting scheduled for mid-November.

"It's to talk about 2023. We, what we would like, is before that, to solve the problem of 2022 and the catch-up of inflation", explained Eric Sellini.

The CGT is calling for a salary increase of 10% for the year 2022, the "unfreezing of hiring" in France and "a massive investment plan" in France, demands already at the origin of movements on 24 June and July 28.

In the event of an effective shutdown of the Normandy refinery, there would only be two refineries in operation on the eight sites in France - six refineries and two bio-refineries -, the others also being affected by strikes or well stopped for work or maintenance operations, according to the CGT.

A strike, renewed Thursday evening, indeed affects the two French refineries of the Esso-ExxonMobil group in the departments of Seine-Maritime and Bouches-du-Rhône, also in motion for a revaluation of wages for ten days and at the stop, according to the CGT of the group.


Fuels: Three quarters of French refinery employees on strike, according to the CGT


French employees of TotalEnergies on strike for wages, at the call of the CGT

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