China News Service, Beijing, September 30 (Reporter Wang Shiyao) In the hit drama "Their Name", Qin Hailu plays Lei Li, a mature and independent female executive in the workplace.

When creating characters, Qin Hailu refused to create a stereotype of "strong women" in the past, because people are very rich and multi-faceted, so don't single out a certain aspect to evaluate a person.

"We have no way to define whether a woman belongs to the workplace or to the family. Every woman has a very loving, stoic, and tolerant heart."

Qin Hailu plays Lei Li in "Their Name".

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Labels are bondage and stress

Can strong women also be vulnerable?

  When she first got the script, Qin Hailu's first impression was that the script was written very well and many languages ​​were very refined.

The status and character settings of the three women in the play are very different, which is also one of the reasons why Qin Hailu is attracted.

  "Their Names" tells the story of Lei Li, an elite in the workplace, Ren Duomei, a beautiful full-time housewife; .

In particular, Lei Li, a strong woman from the elite class, allowed the audience to see the side of mature women who have the courage to live out themselves.

  When people don't know a person, they often use labels to remember each other, and "strong women" often become the inherent label of some outstanding women.

  Playing a "strong woman" in a film and television drama can easily create a stereotype if you are not careful. Qin Hailu told a reporter from in an interview: "About a strong woman, everyone's definition is actually relatively single, or we are many years ago. The initial image shown in the film and television works is to wear a suit, a stereotyped face, and no expression. So now the independent state of women, or the state of the workplace and life, is actually very strong. "

  In her eyes, Lei Li is a relatively mature woman who has experienced a lot of things, so she is mature, funny, not easily irritable, or unable to grasp the point of the problem.

When she is representing characters, she will focus on creating a different image.

  "We have no way to define whether a woman belongs to the workplace or to the family. Every woman has a very loving, stoic, and tolerant heart. Every woman is very strong when facing her own life path, and she is vulnerable. Sometimes, but after being vulnerable, I will start again, thinking about my own experience, it’s actually like this.”

  Qin Hailu appealed to everyone not to define a strong woman, because this is also a label.

"Don't give advice to women about success, because many personal success studies cannot be imitated. We should not understand success too one-sidedly, and if women are often described as strong women, this label is also a constraint and pressure. Women. Can she be vulnerable as a strongman? Will everyone accept her when she is vulnerable?"

  Qin Hailu believes that people are very rich and multi-faceted, so don't judge a person with a single aspect.

Qin Hailu plays Lei Li in "Their Name".

Photo courtesy of the drama

I don't want to be the perfect person

Not the true character to play the tyrant

  As a tenth-level fan of the tyrant (note: the abbreviation of the tyrannical president) novel, the Lei Li played this time is also a "female tyrant" who dominates the workplace. Netizens are very curious about whether Qin Hailu borrowed from himself when shaping the characters. Novels read.

  "I don't know if you have read the tyrant's novels. It's all about how the male tyrant loves the heroine. I can't learn from this. I don't have the space to display this tyrant's identity in life. In life, I prefer to be a petite. wife."

  Qin Hailu, who has debuted for many years and has excellent acting skills, is known to the public as a capable, capable and domineering person.

But Qin Hailu knew that she didn't want to be a boss in her life, and she wanted to be a petite wife.

  At the same time, she also clarified the statement of netizens that she played in her true colors, "It is undeniable that each character must have the actor's own personal style. But I do not admit that it is the true color to play. Do you know what my true color is like? (laughs) If I play the true color. , where is my professionalism?"

  Qin Hailu revealed that she does not set limits for herself when filming, and character design has never been her criteria for choosing a film.

She has played bad people, good people, and imperfect people. Whether it's He Xuelin in "Honey, Where Are You" or Li Ping in "Xiao Min's Home", she doesn't want to play a perfect person, or a People with huge changes.

  Recently, Qin Hailu talked to the director about this issue, "Women's growth has to pay a huge price, I don't quite believe that in a very short few scenes, she will have any kind of growth or change, these are very difficult , I don't believe it myself. So for me, I will only play subjects and characters that I believe in."

Qin Hailu plays Lei Li in "Their Name".

Photo courtesy of the drama

Shuang drama is the courage to fail for a while

Actors have no right to choose the market

  In recent years, "Shuangju" has become a type of drama that is favored by the audience. Tired of the female characters who were submissive in the past, the audience hoped to experience the pleasure of hitting the pain point in the drama.

And "Their Name" is the first domestic female alliance "Shuang drama" slogan, how to combine the cool point with reality, so that the plot is not suspended?

The screenwriter Gao Xiaoxian explained: "The cool point is not just a reversal of the plot. In this play, I actually pay more attention to the expressions of women of all dimensions, ages and personalities."

  She pointed out that many lines in the play, including some golden sentences, actually used the protagonist's mouth to say some OS (referring to inner monologue) that the audience often had in their hearts, but they did not say anything.

These opinions are not really intended to judge the person's right or wrong, but to put the opinions on the table.

Because in real life, it takes a lot of courage to put some words on the table.

  Gao Xiaoxian emphasized: "What's really cool is not that I threw the table, smashed the chair, and went back to you on the spot, but that I didn't do it for a while." At the same time, she believes that the most important point when dealing with the female characters in the play is, " Every female character, we ask her not to lose her intelligence, that is, emotional intelligence and IQ must be online."

  Qin Hailu also agrees that the actor and the role must match to a certain extent, "The casting must also be based on suitability. It is impossible for me to play a 16-year-old girl now, so there is a distinction between suitable and inappropriate."

  However, in Qin Hailu's view, the actors themselves are still passive and have no right to choose the market.

"Maybe you don't know our production process very well. Our production process is first of all the producer, the production company, or what kind of play the director wants to make. Then we find the director, the screenwriter to write the script, and the producer. The company invests the money, and after reaching an agreement, it is the turn to choose the actors." (End)