Summer is over, autumn is approaching, and the students have ushered in the school season again.

They took up their schoolbags and began to rush around on campus. Also busy was the Jiangsu·Nanjing 12355 Youth Service Desk (hereinafter referred to as "12355").

  Jiangsu·Nanjing 12355 Youth Service Desk is a platform for building and providing all-round comprehensive services for youths in the province.

Since the school started in September, the 12355 hotline has received frequent calls to inquire about children's social problems, dislike of school, and refusal to study. Most of the callers are parents of their children.

  One day, 12355 psychological counselor Shangguan Jinxue received a call from a father: his daughter is 9 years old and is in the third grade of primary school.

The two problems of the child bother the father. One is the social aspect. The child often speaks in an adult tone and has a bad relationship with others at school.

  Regarding the child's social problems, the father reflects that this is because the child does not turn on the teen mode when using the mobile phone. "The language in some videos is vulgar, and the child may imitate it."

Shangguan Jinxue believes that less communication between children and parents is an important reason.

Anger develops when children are assigned to do things for a long time and have no opportunity to express their thoughts.

Children see vulgar expressions on the Internet, "self-taught", speak in a fault-finding tone, vent their dissatisfaction, and even swear.

  Regarding the children's learning situation, Shangguan Jinxue found that during the summer vacation, children not only need to preview and review, but also participate in various interest classes. They can only relax during meals every day.

She analyzed that part of the reason for children's dawdling and dislike of learning is that the need for play has not been met.

  After listening to the caller's account, Shangguan Jinxue first affirmed the father's concern and thinking about the education of his children, and then corrected some cognitive errors.

The counselor reminded fathers to pay attention to the importance of socialization and physical activity, and socialization requires personal demonstration and guidance from parents.

In the face of external pressure, parents must first communicate and exchange each other's educational concepts, maintain a united front, and at the same time need to learn to understand the characteristics of their children's physical and mental development, so that they can be targeted.

  After calling for consultation, my father also discovered his own problems and realized the importance of companionship and communication.

Previously, he had less time at home due to his busy work.

Now he spends more time with his children every day and communicates with his wife about educational concepts.

In addition, he and his wife started to learn about mental health knowledge, hoping to grow together with their children in a scientific and professional way.

  A phone call of about 20-50 minutes can not only help the caller find the problem, but also guide the direction for family education and personal growth.

Shangguan Jinxue said that social interaction, school weariness, and school refusal are common problems that students and parents call for consultation. According to different time points such as the opening season, examination season and holidays, the types of consultation questions show the characteristics of regular changes.

12355's psychological counselors will regularly organize thematic discussions, share experience, and improve the ability of professional services in the exchange.

  Regarding the social issues of teenagers, Shangguan Jinxue believes that in order to have a good social relationship, parents must first create time and space for their children to socialize.

In addition, children's social skills are greatly influenced by their parents.

"If parents are often positive, the child may also be more willing to praise others. Children who are often criticized and blamed tend to lack confidence in social interactions."

  The opening season is a high incidence period for students to be bored and refuse to study.

In order to ease the anxiety of starting school, parents can help their children adjust their biological clocks in advance and keep them in line with school schedules.

In addition, students should complete their homework in accordance with the requirements of the school, so as to avoid discomfort due to the transition from a loose to a highly concentrated state after school starts.

  As a working position to provide psychological counseling and rights services directly to young people, in addition to the hotline, 12355 has also carried out a number of supporting activities.

During the epidemic, the service desk, together with the Jiangsu Provincial Psychological Society and the School of Psychology of Nanjing Normal University, jointly planned and launched the "12355 Psychological Epidemic Prevention Small Class", focusing on family education, parent-child communication and other themes, to carry out special classes to answer questions for teenagers and parents.

During the high incidence of student weariness such as the exam season, 12355 will also enter the campus of primary and secondary schools to carry out the activities of decompressing the campus for the middle and high school entrance examinations.

The combination of online and offline, with equal emphasis on family and campus, helps young people grow up healthily.

  Li Danping, a trainee reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily Source: China Youth Daily