When she first met Amy Winehouse, Barbara Broccoli knew right away that she would be unable to collaborate with her.

The producer of the James Bond


met the singer in 2008, when she was looking for an artist for the soundtrack of

Quantum of Solace


But at the time, the star was already “very fragile emotionally”.

“Well, it was a very, very painful encounter.

She wasn't in her best shape and I really felt for her.

She was very emotionally fragile and, you know, you understood how she could create such emotional material, because she had a great depth of feeling and it was very, very tragic,” she said in the documentary on Bond music, titled

The Sound of 007


bad voice

Seeing the interpreter of

Back to Black

in this state deeply pained Barbara Broccoli.

"What an incredible talent, what an incredible voice, what an incredible person she was, but it was very, very sad," she added.

It was finally Jack White and Alicia Keys who interpreted the credits of the 2008 film. Amy Winehouse died three years later, at the age of 27, from an accidental alcohol overdose.

The Barbara Broccoli-starred documentary,

The Sound of 007

, also includes interviews with some of the franchise's cast, like Billie Eilish, who signed

No Time to Die

on the latest film.

It is available on Prime Video.


A new exhibition devoted to Amy Winehouse will open at the Design Museum in London

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