This year, Poyang Lake entered the extremely dry season ahead of schedule, and some lakes turned into "sea of ​​grass", attracting a large number of tourists to come and "check in" for sightseeing.

However, a video shot by some netizens recently showed that a car owner drove an off-road vehicle directly onto the lake beach, rolling out ruts, threatening the ecological protection of the Poyang Lake wetland, causing concern and discussion.

There is a road and an off-road vehicle?

"Wild fun" should not cross the ecological red line

  After the labels such as "sea of ​​grass" and "the bottom of the lake" in Poyang Lake were posted, this place has become a "Internet celebrity" check-in place. There are also videos of people taking aerial photos of vehicles galloping on the lake bed. The author believes that this is not the closeness and harmony between man and nature. It is destroying nature.

  The author learned that the exposed lake bed belongs to the wetland grassland, which is an important ecosystem, and should not be a "race field" for driving. sign to prevent tourist vehicles from entering the riverbed.

Poyang Lake is known as the "Kingdom of Rare Birds" and is an important habitat for migratory birds. According to experts, due to the drought this year, migratory birds will delay their northward journey because they are nostalgic for food. They live here for a period of time. The damage caused by the "red" scenic spot can be imagined.

  In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, some people have begun to fall in love with "wildness", driving vehicles to speed on deserts, hills, shoals and other landforms.

Many commercial publicity and online circles also intentionally or unintentionally convey the message of "don't take the usual road" and "you can cross mountains and rivers by driving", causing many problems to follow.

Going to explore the secret realm with the so-called "off-road" complex may crush the landscape that has been preserved for thousands of years, drive to the lake to wade, may destroy the wetland ecology, and at the same time, the constant safety accidents will always sound the alarm.

  Vehicles take humans farther, but it does not mean that they can cross the ecological red line and change the nature of nature.

The "dream and distance" jointly created by the Internet and commerce needs to look down and recognize the land under your feet. To protect the ecological environment, you must first mark your own behavior with a red line.

"Freeing yourself" and not breaking the rules is the real happiness

  The incident of "off-road vehicle rolling over the Poyang Lake Wetland Grass Sea" has attracted attention. Will the relevant personnel be subject to administrative punishment or even bear further legal responsibility?

Follow-up processing by relevant departments remains to be seen.

  The outdoor activities aroused criticism, not only reminiscent of the "Sanqingshan Giant Python Peak Damage Case", when three rock climbers used electric drills to drill 26 rock nails into the granite column during the climbing process, causing damage to the Giant Python Peak. badly damaged.

Two of them were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and fined, and three were sentenced to joint compensation of 6 million yuan for environmental resource losses in a civil public interest lawsuit.

  In this case, the two climbers were charged with "intentional damage to places of interest", which may be unfamiliar to most people, including the parties.

In June of this year, the "Wetland Protection Law" was officially implemented, which clearly stipulates that no unit or individual shall damage the living environment of birds and aquatic organisms.

However, those off-road enthusiasts who drive "galloping" the grassy sea of ​​Poyang Lake may not understand this law.

  In recent years, especially since the promulgation and implementation of the "Civil Code", relevant departments and media have made great efforts to popularize the law in the field of civil law, and have achieved great results.

However, as more and more people participate in outdoor activities in recent years and feel the happiness brought by nature, they have little knowledge about the laws and regulations that may be involved, and even violate relevant laws and even criminal laws.

  Therefore, under the trend of getting closer to nature, should relevant departments also increase the popularization of knowledge about relevant laws and regulations and crimes related to criminal law?

Of course, as an individual, you should also take the initiative to understand and learn the relevant laws to restrain your own behavior.

  At the same time, we also look forward to the introduction of more detailed implementation rules for the "Wetland Protection Law" and other related laws, etc., to further make more specific regulations and give clearer guidelines.

  After all, it is true happiness to "free yourself" in nature without breaking the rules.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News commentator Liu Liuwan Chengyuan