It turned out that an executive of the textbook company "Dai Nippon Tosho" had a dinner with the superintendent of education in Goka Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, and entertained him by paying the full amount for food and drink.

Groups made up of textbook companies prohibit entertaining people involved in the adoption of textbooks, and the company says, ``We apologize for a serious violation of compliance.''

According to the textbook company "Dai Nippon Tosho", in July this year, two officers, the East Japan branch manager and a sales employee in Ibaraki Prefecture, had a dinner with two teachers, including the superintendent of Goka Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, and the company side 1. It is said that he paid about 9500 yen for food and drink, and gave him about 1600 yen of sweets.

In an interview with the company, the two branch managers said, ``When the superintendent retired from the principal in March this year, we promised to have a dinner together for the purpose of consolation.

As a self-imposed rule, the Textbook Association, a general incorporated association made up of textbook companies, prohibits the provision of entertainment and goods to the superintendent of education, teachers, and other people involved in the selection of textbooks.

Dainippon Tosho said, "I sincerely apologize for the serious compliance violation. We believe that a thorough internal investigation and recurrence prevention are necessary."

The Goka Town Board of Education said, "We are currently confirming the facts, so we cannot comment at this time."

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said, "If it is true, it is extremely regrettable. We have instructed the company to conduct a detailed investigation, and we will take strict measures based on the results."

Textbooks adopted by Dainippon Tosho in 4 districts including Goka Town this year

According to the Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education, in the districts of four cities and towns, including Goka Town, this year,

▽ four subjects of "mathematics", "science", "living" and "physical education" in elementary schools, ▽ "math"

and "math" in junior high schools

Dainippon Tosho textbooks are adopted for

the two science subjects .

Goka Town Board of Education "Confirming facts"

In response to NHK's interview, the board of education in Goka Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, said, "We are currently confirming the facts, so we cannot comment at this time."