And if there could be good in the deepfake?

In any case, this is what Bruce Willis thinks, who sold the rights to his image to the company Deepcake, which specializes in this technology.

If you are not familiar with the software, it gives the possibility of superimposing for example the face of a person on another.

Thanks to an advanced synthesis system and artificial intelligence, you can take on the appearance of another, and make him say whatever you want, since the voice is also transposable.

This technology has regularly been decried, since the bluff is beyond suspicion.

We can therefore make the Head of State say what we want, just like a simple citizen, and make it evolve in any context or situation.

This is how some have used it to make people believe that President Zelensky had asked the Ukrainians to lay down their arms against the Russians.

The majority of deepfakes have so far been used for pornographic purposes, in particular using profiles of celebrities without their knowledge.

At what price

In the case of Bruce Willis, this software will allow him to partly continue his career when his body can no longer do so.

The actor suffers from aphasia, a language and comprehension disorder caused by brain damage.

In a statement posted to Deepcake's website, the Sixth Sense star said he "loved the precision" of his CGI double, which was made while working on two of his most iconic films:

Crystal Trap


The Fifth Element

. .

“With advanced modern technology, I was able to communicate, work and participate in filming, even while being on another continent.

It is a new and interesting experience for me and I am grateful to our team,” he added, about a first “advertising project in Europe”.

On its site, the company promises to producers and the entertainment industry in general, that its software considerably reduces costs, but not only.

“You're not dependent on any schedules, vagaries or special requests from celebrities,” is stated in the section titled “Why is it no hassle?


Be careful all the same, the adage "too good to be true" is true every time, especially when it comes to spending less to have better.

Someone always pays the price.


What is aphasia suffered by actor Bruce Willis?

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