Reducing the time taken to care for stroke patients: this is the goal of two Iranian researchers based in Limoges (Haute-Vienne), France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine reports on Tuesday.

They created a mini-scanner called Cogniscan, which has the particularity of being able to be moved.

Increase the chances of a good recovery

The idea is to be able to carry it on board an ambulance to use it directly on stroke victims, thereby establishing an accurate map of bleeding and damage to the brain.

The patient could thus be taken directly to a specialized center for treatment, which would significantly increase their chances of recovering well from the stroke.

“The earlier we treat, the less the brain will suffer.

The less neurons he will lose, ”confirms with our colleagues the head of Samu 87, very favorable to this project.

The researchers behind the creation of Cogniscan will now carry out clinical tests to assess the precision and reliability of the device, compared to a traditional scanner.

Trials are expected to take five years.


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