China News Service, September 29. According to the website of the Guizhou Health and Health Commission, September 28, 2022 0-24:00: 38 new confirmed cases in Guizhou Province (Bijie City); 58 new asymptomatic infections ( 57 cases in Bijie City and 1 case in Zunyi City).

Asymptomatic infections were transferred to 4 confirmed cases (Bijie City).

28 confirmed cases were cured and discharged, and 202 were released from medical isolation and observation.

  There are 604 confirmed cases in the province (434 in Bijie, 167 in Guiyang, 2 in Zunyi, and 1 in Anshun); there are 2,019 asymptomatic infections (1,212 in Bijie, 794 in Guiyang, and 1 in Zunyi). 9 cases in the city and 4 cases in Qiannan Prefecture).