For a week now, hell has been going on on the borders with Georgia and Kazakhstan - running young animals from Russia have poured in there.

One that is afraid to be mobilized.

They have to endure the queue to the border posts for days in unsanitary conditions, because there are no shops or toilets along the road.

It is easy to guess that Russians who are easily injured and not ready for difficulties do not like such tourism.

Guys, is it possible to save at least some share of your own dignity and flee the country without shamefully flashing your heels and without defecating under yourself and in the bushes on the way to the borders? 

Actually, not only roads with traffic jams stretching for kilometers, but also the neighboring countries themselves are not very ready for a sharp influx of poor fellows.

Neither Georgia nor Kazakhstan was simply asked if they needed such social tourists.

The same as the Ukrainians in the West, who are not going to work in the country or will not be able to, because there are simply no jobs in such a quantity, but they definitely intend to use the benefits of neighboring states.

I am sure that most of them, if they had sufficient competence and knowledge of a foreign language, would choose other countries for resettlement.

So, again, most are going to freelance.

I wonder what state.

Probably the same one they're running from. 

Two of my friends are leaving Russia, having agreed with the employer about remote work.

So, they will continue to pay tax to their homeland. 

I don't understand how people live with such an ideological dichotomy.

Is it really normal for someone to take care only of their own comfort, not shunning anything, even betraying their own values ​​and views?

You do not support the actions of the authorities of your country, but you will continue to give her part of the salary. 

Jobs with the promised relocation are already appearing on Russian job search sites, and HRs are introducing a resume writing service in English.

That is, in fact, if you can benefit another state and find a job in a foreign company, then you can find a way.

Good riddance.

If only you really had expertise and talent, because hiring and registering a foreigner is more expensive than a local one.

Market relations - they are. 

The runners, who have lived all this time in frank denial and infantilism, turned a blind eye to a simple truth: relations with the state are built in a two-way direction.

In the same way that any citizen receives profits from his country in the form of medicine, education, protection, and so on, he must give something in return.

Now is the time to repay that debt.

And not only as part of a voluntary donation of wages for labor. 

And maybe for someone I will reveal a terrible secret, but you would have faced exactly the same mobilization in any other country, if you were its citizen.

And you know, I'm even glad that it is with such neighbors that I will no longer have to put up with, that such spineless creatures will not be responsible for my safety and the future of my children, and that they will not be shoulder to shoulder with my young man, when he, if will need to go to the front. 

Please run.

Shame along the way.

Go down to the bottom and limit.

Maybe then and at least in this way it will come to some of you what you really are. 

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