Three people, including a self-employed 34-year-old suspect, were arrested for forging residence cards issued to foreigners staying in Japan at a house in Chiba Prefecture.

Customer data of about 20,000 people, including foreigners, was found in the seized personal computer, and the police are clarifying the actual situation.

A total of three people were arrested, Takahiro Maruyama (34), a self-employed person from Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture, and two Chinese suspects in their 30s.

According to investigative sources, the three are suspected of violating the Immigration Control Law by forging residence cards at a residence in Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture in early this month.

This house is believed to be a manufacturing base for counterfeit residence cards, and when the joint investigation headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department and Hyogo Prefectural Police searched, they found counterfeit cards, printers, and about 3,000 cards that were believed to be in the process of being counterfeited.

According to the police investigation, all three have admitted to the charges in general.

When the seized computers were examined, customer data for about 20,000 people, including foreigners, was found, and it is believed that they were sold for 1,500 yen to 7,500 yen per piece.

Furthermore, based on a contact from an instructor in China, it is believed that he forged a driver's license and health insurance card in addition to his residence card, and the police are investigating the actual situation.