Laurent Le Boulanger, known as “Boulon”, saw things big for his 50th birthday.

This resident of Penguily (Côtes-d'Armor) organized a private metal music festival last weekend in his 3,000 m² garden, reports

Le Penthièvre


Five groups followed one another on stage in front of 200 guests.

Hard-rock, rock, metal, that's his whole life.

“I listened to my first song when I was 10 years old:

Highway to Hell

by AC/DC.

I put the tape on loop in the 305 player in my parents' garage!

“, tells the new fifties to the newspaper.

From the 1990s, he played in several bands and toured the region.

“What an era!

I always wanted more.

I bought specialized magazines, I combed the record stores.

I was living and thinking only of that!

Bolon points out.

At 50, his passion is intact.

It was well worth a little private concert for all his friends.


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