Rising energy prices affect many sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicines for Europe (MFE), the European union of generic manufacturers, also sounded the alarm on Tuesday;


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“The Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine have caused an increase in inflation, the cost of raw materials (between +50% and +160%), transport costs (up to +500%) and the prices of energy", indicates in an open letter Elisabeth Stampa, the president.

“This has translated into a tenfold increase in electricity costs in some of our factories in Europe.


Energy cuts with serious consequences?

For MFE, it has become imperative to grant aid to generic drug manufacturers to “lower the cost of energy”;

indicates the correspondence addressed to the European Commission and to the Ministers of Health.

Professionals in the sector cannot pass on this increase in costs to the price of drugs, which is regulated by law.

The union would therefore like to join the future list of industries benefiting from subsidized energy prices and exempt from gas or electricity cuts in the event of a shortage.

“Any production stoppage, even temporary, would have negative consequences on the supply of medicines to patients,” the open letter concludes.


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