Cardi B is starting to seriously regret what she calls her "dumb decisions from the past."

The rapper, who is coming out of a trial for assaulting two waitresses at a strip club, revealed on Twitter that her appearance in court and her sentence to 15 days of community service had had far-reaching consequences. more serious for its finances.

“My stupid decisions in the past are causing me to run out of money now.

I had a multi-million dollar contract for

Call of Duty

on the table that I couldn't take because of the court.

Guys, think twice before making any quick decisions!

Lesson learned,” she tweeted.

double penalty

The star does not specify exactly what it is, but in a message posted a little later when responding to a fan, the interpreter of


explains that she had to “shoot” for the ultra-popular video game, and that her presence in court prevented her from appearing on the shoot.

"I couldn't make it because of the court a few weeks ago...I couldn't make the shoot in time," she wrote.

Moral of the story for Cardi B: don't hit people, it costs too much.


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