A herd of cows in Lower Saxony has recently gained an unusual member: wild boar freshman Frida has joined the cows.

About three weeks ago he discovered the little animal while feeding in the morning, said farmer Friedrich Stapel.

"All of a sudden I saw: there's something small running behind it." The young animal is now a real attraction in the municipality of Brevörde in the Holzminden district.

Wild boar Frida, who got her name from local children, is already properly integrated into the herd, said Stapel.

A cow takes particular care of the young animal.

The local hunter has already been informed not to shoot the animal.

As a farmer, he knows that wild boars can cause a lot of damage, says the 66-year-old.

"But that's a completely different number, so if you don't soften, it's your own fault."

Frida is currently grazing with the cows in a meadow near a hiking trail on the Weser.

The farmer suspects that she must have lost touch with her peers when they were crossing the river.

In winter, the wild boar probably comes into the barn with the mother cows.

Stapel said: "Leaving it alone now would also be unfair."