Yan Qi has spent 23 years in the post of weather forecaster from his fledgling to his current status.

Ten years ago, the skilled Yan Qi became the gatekeeper.

Since then, she has opened a new chapter in her meteorological life.

Ten years ago, Yan Qi would torture a weather forecast to sleepless nights, and would be helpless against many medium and small-scale extreme weather.

Ten years later, Yan Qi led the team to find out the extreme weather that is rare in history.

  The situation is unpredictable. On November 7, 2021, a rare heavy snowstorm hit Liaoning. Facing this unprecedented challenge, Yan Qi made a decisive decision and issued an early warning three or four days in advance.

In September 2022, the No. 12 typhoon "Plum Blossom" headed north, and Yan Qi led the team to predict it more accurately.

  The growth of technology is important, but talent who can flexibly use technology is a treasure.

Today's Yan Qi is still cautious in his work. Every forecast will lead the team to review carefully, listen to the different opinions of the participants, pass on his ten years of experience in gatekeeping, and often enlighten young people to relieve stress.

  In the face of the meteorological blind spot that is still as complicated as the sea of ​​stars, Yan Qi will continue to explore, strive to be precise and accurate, and strive to reduce the damage of meteorological disasters.

(Reporter Yu Ruizhai)

Responsible editor: [Zhou Chi]