It was confirmed that Park Min-young's sister was involved in the business of actor Park Min-young (37) and Kang Jong-hyeon (41), who was caught up in dating rumors.

According to the registered copy of Inbiogen, a listed company on the KOSPI, Park Min-young's older sister, Park Mo (40), was registered as an outside director in April.

Inbiogen, one of the companies suspected of being actually owned by Chairman Kang Jong-hyun, was established in 2019 and entered the bio industry the following year.

Kang Ji-yeon, the younger sister of Chairman Kang, is the largest shareholder and representative of the company.

Park Min-young's older sister, Park, is a researcher at the National University of Singapore who studies infectious diseases.

At the time of the board of directors, Park Min-young's older sister, Park, said, "We will do our best to establish a transparent governance structure by being faithful to the work of outside directors."

Outside directors are directors who do not belong to the management, and were introduced to be used as a device to check and monitor the company's decision-making.

The purpose is to prevent the arbitrary management and conduct of the major shareholders in advance by inviting outside persons not related to the major shareholder to participate in the board of directors.

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

Earlier, the entertainment media Dispatch reported on the 28th that "Park Min-young and Chairman Kang Jong-hyun have a romantic relationship that is serious enough to say hello to both families."

The media also raised suspicions that Chairman Kang Jong-hyun actually owns Bithumb Korea, which runs the virtual currency exchange Bithumb under his sister's name, after being embroiled in a fraud case in the past, as well as In Biogen, Bident, and Bucket Studio.

It has been confirmed that Park Min-young's sister was directly involved in Kang's business, and speculation is emerging that the two are more of a business partner than a simple romantic relationship.

Park Min-young signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment in December of last year.

Hook Entertainment is also a subsidiary of Chairman Won Young-sik, a business partner close to Chairman Kang.

On the other hand, Park Min-young's agency has neither acknowledged nor denied the dating rumors, saying, "Due to the drama shooting, her identity verification is delayed."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)