Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto made a very intriguing statement about the series of sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipeline network: “When an operation of this magnitude is carried out, some state actor must be involved in it.

That's what I can say about it now ... You would think that such an emergency with a pipeline could influence the development of sanctions if any traces of the culprit are found.

As for the second part of the minister's statement - regarding the "drafting of sanctions" - let's leave it out of the equation for now.

But by declaring a certain "state entity", the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry clearly hit the bull's-eye.

It remains to understand on which tree this very apple grows: what kind of “state entity” is it, what is its name and where does it live. 

Ay, "state subject", respond!

Give voice, open your face!

And in response, silence.

All those who like to make war with the Russian Nord Streams shyly look away.

What to do in these circumstances?

I propose to start the search, remembering the famous poetic lines of Samuil Marshak: "Firemen are looking for, police are looking for, photographers are looking for."

Again I throw out the cry ay: where are you, the self-proclaimed “international firefighters, international photographers and international policemen” rolled into one?

And again, the answer is ringing silence.

Did I use the wrong words in my calling cry?

Yes, there is.

The term "international gendarme" would be more appropriate to describe the role that the United States is playing (or trying to play) on the world stage.

But after all, the Americans are silent or get off with playful statements (White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, denying

that her boss, Joe Biden, publicly promised to destroy Nord Stream: “The President said that Nord Stream 2 would not be put into operation and we would work on it with Germany.

And he was right, because Germany froze him in February.

That's what the president was talking about"), not at all out of modesty or because, you see, someone called them incorrectly. 

Americans play silent because they definitely have something to hide.

Well, let's say that, having publicly expressed gratitude to the United States for the sabotage against Nord Stream, the former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski drew conclusions about the hero of the day (it is clear that in fact we are talking about an anti-hero) not on the basis of some insider information, but only on the basis of his guts.

But even if this is so, then the former head of the Warsaw Foreign Ministry's gut is working in the absolutely right direction.

Let's turn on our own senses and conduct a mini-investigation at the intersection of global politics and spy-sabotage detective thrillers.

Yes, yes, I understand the ambition of such a task, and under other circumstances I would never have taken it up.

But here, as our movie Sherlock Holmes used to say, everything is “elementary, Watson!”.

So let's get started.

Based on my rich experience in reading detective novels, I solemnly declare: first we must try to find answers to the questions Cui bono?

Cui Prodest?

(translated from Latin - "Who benefits?").

In my list of the main beneficiaries of the sabotage, the United States is in the first place, and the official Kyiv is in the second. 

We move on.

Who had all the technical capabilities to commit sabotage?

Unlike the "field of ballet", in this regard, the United States is definitely "ahead of the rest."

But let's not take this as an exhaustive proof.

An exhaustive proof awaits us in point 3 of our search.

America is a country that eavesdrops on everyone, spies on everyone and shines through everyone.

Have you heard, for example, about such an American agency - the National Reconnaissance Office?

I won't pretend to be a know-it-all.

I first came across this name in a Dan Brown novel with a completely slanderous plot (I don’t remember which one, over the years).

He came across - and thought to himself: “Wow, how well his fantasy works!

How masterfully he invented and described in detail the non-existent American intelligence service!

“Today I remember this thought of mine with a flush of shame on my face.

The National Reconnaissance Office didn't just turn out to be a real-life office. 

The US National Space Intelligence Agency is one of the "Big Five" of the largest American intelligence agencies. 

And here's a quick question for you: could this nice organization from the city of Chantilly, Virginia, overlook something as massive as the terrorist attacks (let's call a spade a spade) against Nord Stream?

If it could, then only if the subordinates of the director of this department, Christopher Skolese, have a great desire to plug their electronic ears and cover their electronic eyes.

This is how the rules-based world order turns out, which the Americans love to talk about so much.

Well, did I help the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland to find his mysterious "certain state subject"?

I suspect that Pekka Haavisto himself knows everything very well, and if he doesn’t know, he guesses.

However, the actual norms of the rules-based world order require the Finnish minister to be “modesty” in his assessments.

The notorious "state subject" in such ambiguous cases does not like to look in the mirror and does not tolerate others pointing fingers at him. 

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