Too expensive

Amal El Minshawi


September 29, 2022

It consumes a lot of life and health, fills the chest with tightness and embarrassment, and the disease inherits us if it accompanies us in every situation and path.. It changes our features as a sting, and brings about the calmness of our minds and the stability of our thoughts, and shakes our confidence in ourselves and our own convictions.. The serenity of our days and our psychological peace.. We are drawn to it by selfishness and love of appearance, and we are obeyed in it by an abhorrent inheritance entitled: “Our correct vision of everything and at any time.” It helps us to delve into it with our culture, our experiences, and our place in life.

It is the argument, the arena of battle that never ends with victory, and the sealed satanic circle that admits neither quiet discussion nor concession of opinion in order to preserve friendliness.

The one who deprives us of the pleasure of agreeing on the idea, even if the ways of implementing it differ, prevents us from creating a meeting point at the end of the road, and closes our eyes to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Argument is a sterile and old way to prove our point of view and visions, and it has become the most important cause of disagreement and discord between us in work, family, and the near environment, and we lose the peace of our souls, the harmony of our hearts, and the keenness on love and positive communication with those around us.

Argument is one of the gates of sadness, insomnia and a feeling of disappointment, when we open it with a son, husband or brother, so we are shocked by quarrels and the barriers of friendship, love and respect vanish, so there is nothing left but to blame ourselves for how we did not withdraw or move away from this slope, in order to preserve our pride and dignity.

Argument feeds the offensive tendency and motivation of everyone around us and impresses us with the nature of "who doesn't like something", and creates a negative reputation about us and loses us the ability to change for the better and improve our skills and dealings with life.

Arguing is a waste of time and effort with those who do not understand us and do not want to bring distances closer so that we can meet, and a shovel that destroys prestige and social relations despite their diversity and complexity, and one of the devil’s entrances to division, strife and discord.

There is a big difference between him and the rational and fruitful discussions that begin after we agree that we are in one boat and on the same narrow area of ​​land, and we have a lot that deserves to be kept.

We need to stop arguing to understand those around us and affirm our concern for them, and to distance ourselves from behaviors of ignorance far from normal instinct that tend to be soft, calm, love and coexist, and not to pay a heavy price for something that is not worth it.

Argument is one of the gates of sadness, insomnia, and a sense of disappointment, when we open it with a son, husband or brother, so we are shocked by the fight and the barriers of friendship, love and respect disappear.


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