It is foggy on the way to work this morning (29th).

Right now, I can see Wangsukcheon Stream in Guri-si next to me.

Buildings and mountains are located in the distance, but they have disappeared in the thick fog.

Take a closer look at the fog situation.

There is a lot of fog in most parts of the country except for some east coasts.

In particular, the visibility distance of Gwangju has been narrowed down to 70m.

On your way to work, you should leave a good distance between cars and drive slowly.

Also, those who use the Sky Road should carefully check whether the flight is operating.

During the day, the fog will gradually clear as the temperature rises from the sun.

Daytime heat and large daily temperature differences will continue.

The temperature difference will be large, especially in the southern regions, where the daytime temperature rises close to 30 degrees.

Until this morning, there will be times of light raindrops all over Jeju.

On Monday next week, the National Foundation Day, it will start raining mainly in central and North Jeolla Province, and it will rain all over the country on Tuesday.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)