A referendum is an act of direct democracy.

Not representative.

That is why it is terrible for the West, which has long turned the institution of representation into an instrument for organizing the political incapacity of the population, turning the masses of people into political "minors" and "disabled people."

And on the historical lands of Novorossia - not the population.

There are people.

And he is politically capable.

Of course, from a Western point of view, this is unacceptable.


Since Western freedom is intended for something else - to satisfy ever-increasing desires leading to degradation, decay, death, and not at all for the implementation of the political will of the people.

And yes, on the historical lands of Novorossia there is not just a population.

There were people there.

That is the subject.

And this people is inseparable and indivisible from the Russian people, because that is what they are.

How is will different from desire?

Aren't desires stronger than will?

Eat, sleep, copulate.

Be intoxicated.

Have fun.

The one who wishes dies, and his desires go with him.

But the will remains forever.

Because it has an ideal nature.

This is where Roman law begins: the law is the will of the people.

And what is the will of the people in New Russia?

To life.

The people are not going to die, although they were sentenced to death by the West, the USA.

And he challenges his executioners by will.

It merges with Russia, which alone in the world is not afraid of the hegemon.

And so he will crush him.

And everyone else is clinging to the "winner" that the United States has declared itself to be.

Everyone, but not the people of historical Novorossiya.

The referendum is held in this case not to find out something, to find out.

Everything was clear before it started.

This also makes the West very angry.

The West and everyone who is afraid of the US are not going to recognize the referendum.


And there you will see.

Stoltenberg said that the referendum is fake and illegitimate.

This "lawyer" is wrong.

Or lying.

The referendum is real: people actually vote - and the protocols of results will be drawn up on the basis of their real votes, and not from the bulldozer.

The referendum is legitimate because it is recognized by those who participate in it and by those to whom it is addressed.

And it is addressed to Russia, not Stoltenberg.

The opinion of non-participants does not matter for legitimacy, since this is an act of self-determination and self-organization for political action.

One could discuss how legal it is, that is, legal: they say, it is not allowed by the laws of Ukraine.

But the LPR and DPR have already left Ukraine.

And they are no longer unrecognized.

And Ukraine itself has lost its constitutional legal order and cannot, does not have the right to determine the criteria for legality.

Actually, because of the coup d'état, Donbass found itself in a legal vacuum, which "allowed" Kyiv to use military force against civilians.

Thus, the only external legal framework for the expression of will is the right of peoples to self-determination.

So far, no one has canceled it, although some really want to cancel it - together with the UN.

Limiting the application of the right to self-determination by the principle of territorial integrity is permissible, if only self-determination is feigned, not real.

But if you and your children have been killed day and night for eight years in a row, then the desire to be saved can hardly be considered feigned.

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