Morgan Keane was 25 years old.

He died while quietly chopping wood in his garden.

Two hunters will respond to this tragedy on November 17 before the correctional court of Cahors, in the Lot, said in a press release Alexandre Rossi, the public prosecutor.

The investigating judge in charge of the investigation indicted two protagonists of the deadly boar beat of December 2, 2020 in the small town of Calvignac: the author of the deadly shot but also the "beat director".

A huge emotion

The two hunters will be tried for "manslaughter during a hunting action".

An offense which, specifies the magistrate, can be "punished by three years' imprisonment, a fine of 75,000 euros, the prohibition to hold a weapon for five years or even the withdrawal of the hunting license indefinitely".

There are, to date, two civil parties in this case: the brother of Morgan Keane and the Departmental Federation of Lot Hunters.

The accidental death of the young man had aroused immense emotion, leading his relatives to create the collective "Un jour un chasseur", which proposes in particular to ban hunting on Wednesdays and Sundays, and to establish "protective distances around habitation areas that are equal to the maximum range of the weapons".

Proposals mostly rejected by a Senate mission in mid-September.


Ban hunting on Wednesdays and Sundays, "a good start" for some, a "liberticide" measure for others


Lot: Faced with the behavior of certain hunters, "a zero tolerance policy" announced by the Cahors prosecutor's office

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