China News Service, Beijing, September 26 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) The Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Public Security recently released the advanced deeds of 38 national "most beautiful grass-roots police officers" in 2022, and the fourth-level police technical supervisor of the Anti-Terrorism and Special Police Detachment of the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau Fu Shiche is among them.

  Since joining the job in 2008, Fu Shiche has gradually grown into an expert in police dog technology work step by step.

With his outstanding performance, he has won the personal second-class merit 1 time, the personal third-class merit 1 time, and the personal award 5 times.

In the 5th National Police Dog Technology Competition held in 2018, Fu Shiche and his police dog "Baidu" won the first place, and the police dog "Baidu" was also awarded the title of Meritorious Dog by the Ministry of Public Security.

Photo courtesy of Fu Shiche, a police officer of the Anti-Terrorism and Special Police Detachment of the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau, the Ministry of Public Security

Trained police dogs with meritorious deeds

  In 2008, Fu Shiche, who had just taken up the post of police dog technology, was "instilled" by his predecessors with an unwritten concept - "No trivial matter at the Capital Airport".

In the "first country gate" of the motherland, any small incident will be infinitely magnified and become the focus of worldwide attention.

  As a result, "practicing three-nine in winter, three-fu in summer, all soil in sunny days, and mud in rainy days" has become a daily portrayal of Fu Shiche and his police dogs' training.

Fu Shiche's wife said: "After 14 years of work, he spent far more time with the police dog than his family, but we support and understand his work. Being able to bring the dog to patrol the first gate of the motherland, my children and I are proud of him. ."

  In 2018, when he was notified by his superiors that he would participate in the 5th National Police Dog Technology Contest, it was during the peak time when the China-Africa Forum arrived and departed from Beijing. Fu Shiche almost gave up all rest time except sleeping. In addition to completing daily work, he insists on police dog training every day.

  After more than 2 months of high-intensity training, the police dog's operational ability has been steadily improved.

The hard work pays off. In the 5th National Police Dog Technical Competition in 2018, Fu Shiche won the first place in the search for explosive subjects. The police dog "Baidu" trained by him was also awarded the title of Meritorious Dog by the Ministry of Public Security.

Assiduously digging into police dog technology

  The research on police dog technology is not done overnight. It takes time and practice to explore. It takes day after day to train police dogs and study the rules before summarizing and improving.

Fu Shiche has trained five police dogs successively, involving many subjects such as explosive detection, tracking, identification, search and drug search.

With time and experience, he has gradually become an expert in the field of police dog technology.

  During a routine inspection of passengers' luggage, due to the large amount of passengers' luggage and the long continuous working hours, Fu Shiche carefully found that the police dog would not be controlled by the trainer after working for a period of time, and stopped to rest.

  Through continuous summarization, Fu Shiche found that when the bomb search dog was performing passenger luggage inspection in the terminal building, every 10 to 20 minutes of work, he would be in a state of exhaustion.

After communicating with other police dog trainers, he found that this was determined by the biological characteristics of the police dog.

  In the face of such a huge terminal building and a huge amount of passenger luggage, it is indeed very difficult to complete the work tasks with high quality and quantity according to the traditional working method of explosive search dogs.

Therefore, Fu Shiche collected, organized and analyzed a large number of domestic and foreign police dog technical data, and explored and studied through various methods such as participating in professional training, subscribing to professional journals, browsing Internet professional forums and communicating.

Together with his colleagues, he has researched and launched two practical new technologies, namely "inspection" and "stationed inspection", which are suitable for the actual combat needs of civil aviation airports. These new technologies have effectively improved the endurance and efficiency of police dog work, and reasonably increased police dog operations. effective time.

  With the joint efforts of him and his comrades in arms, in 2013, the Ministry of Public Security set up the project "Research on the Application of Bombing Dogs in Civil Airports". Among them, the research results of two police dog technologies, "Patrol Inspection" and "Stationary Inspection", have been used nationwide. Some airports have begun to promote the landing.

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security of Fu Shiche (left) and his colleagues on duty

The country's first line of explosion-proof explosion-proof

  In his 14-year police career, Fu Shiche and his partner police dogs have completed nearly a thousand site explosion-proof safety inspections, participated in the completion of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Two Sessions and other major events and daily service support tasks. More than 5000 times.

  In addition to the work of explosion-proof safety inspection, Fu Shiche and his comrades also shoulder the heavy responsibility of disposing of suspicious explosives in the jurisdiction.

These two tasks are essentially explosive searches, but there is a huge gap in the amount of tasks, danger, and urgency.

  Explosion-proof safety inspection has a lot of tasks, which is easy to paralyze thinking, so every explosion-proof inspection must be serious and meticulous.

The amount of suspicious explosive disposal tasks is small, but the risk factor is high.

  Since joining the police, Fu Shiche has completed nearly 100 disposals of suspicious items on the plane, in the cargo yard and in the terminal building, and has made due contributions to safeguarding the safety and smoothness of the country.