China News Service, September 27th. According to the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Day holiday is coming, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds the majority of tourists to take personal protection and travel safely and healthily.

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism specifically put forward five points:

  1. Reasonably arrange the itinerary.

Learn about the latest epidemic prevention and control policies at the origin and destination through authoritative channels, consciously abide by the announcements issued by the local government and relevant departments, and do not travel to medium and high-risk areas in China.

Self-driving and independent tourists take the initiative to conduct nucleic acid testing and cooperate with scanning code to measure temperature wherever they go.

When symptoms such as cold and fever occur, you should stop the tour and seek medical attention in time.

  2. Strengthen personal protection.

Consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, ventilate frequently, and develop the good habit of "one-meter noodles".

When taking transportation and visiting the park, consciously keep a distance from other tourists, and open the distance between tables and chairs when dining to avoid getting together.

  Third, pay attention to travel safety.

Do not carry prohibited and dangerous items on public transport, and fasten your seat belt while driving.

Self-driving tours should do a good job of checking the condition of the vehicle, do not bring faults on the road, put an end to fatigue driving and drunk driving, and achieve safe and civilized driving.

  Fourth, pay attention to fire safety.

When visiting the tour, strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations.

When staying in a hotel, do not lie on the sofa or bed to smoke.

When traveling outdoors, pay attention to fire prevention and disaster avoidance, and do not smoke, barbecue or use open flames in places where there are many weeds, accumulation of leaves and other flammable materials or in places with fire prevention warnings.

  Five, pay attention to travel safety.

Carefully participate in high-risk projects such as high-altitude, high-speed, and adventure projects according to personal age, health, and psychological conditions.

Do not go to "wild attractions" that have not been officially developed and opened to receive tourists, lack safety guarantees, and private "spots" that operate illegally.