Denis Baupin, Nicolas Hulot, Damien Abad, Gérald Darmanin, Taha Bouhaf… Politicians suspected, accused of sexist and sexual violence.

How to deal with this violence against women?

The question has been posed to parties for years... And more particularly to left-wing parties in September 2022. Organizations that make feminism, the fight against violence against women, a political fight.

The boss of the Greens Julien Bayou resigned on Monday as national secretary of EELV, after the accusations of an ex-companion.

The Green deputy leaves the presidency of his group in the Assembly.

Adrien Quatennens, deputy LFI, announced on September 18 to withdraw from his national functions, after the handrail deposited by his wife, for a slap that her husband gave him.

Are the parties' listening and investigation units effective or “ineffective”?

How can political movements investigate and adjudicate in these cases of gender-based and sexual violence?

What place for justice?

Is an accusation worth a conviction?

We talk about it in this episode of our

Minute Papillon podcast!

with Mathilde Viot, former parliamentary collaborator and jurist in public law, creator of the Chair collaborator website, in 2016, aimed at freeing the voices of female parliamentary collaborators who are victims of violence, the launch of the hashtag #MetooPolitique, then in February 2022, the Observatory of sexist and sexual violence, author of the essay

The Politician, I make compost

(ed. Stock).

Our second guest, Rachel Garrat-Valcarcel, journalist with the political department of

20 Minutes


Does this return to school constitute a moment of rupture for this sexist and sexual violence in politics?

About the organization of listening and investigation cells of the parties, are they useful?

Or, as Isabelle Rome, the minister delegate between women and men, asserted on September 21, “they stifle the words of the victims and they are ineffective”?

Is the questioning of a politician enough to condemn?

These are the questions for this interview to be found above and on all online listening platforms.

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