Bad weather for Jacques Legros.

The former joker of Jean-Pierre Pernaut allowed himself to make some sensational revelations about the star of 1 p.m. In the book

Behind the screen, 40 years at the heart of the media

, he claims that the one he replaced regularly hard to "share" his TV newscast and that he "requested the team more than necessary", refusing to let those with whom he shared the antenna manage.

But while the legendary presenter died after a difficult fight against cancer, these criticisms go wrong.

The widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Nathalie Marquay, was invited to react in the

program Le Morning Sans Filtre

on Skyrock and she went there without language of wood.

“I completely hallucinated and above all, Mr. Jacques Legros forgets that he was only his joker.

He allows himself to complain that at that time JP wanted to keep control of the content of the newspaper.

But who, for more than thirty years, has set the tone for 1 p.m. and who has been attributed the audience results?

“, she launched.

dirty tricks

And the ex-Miss France does not hesitate to sway on what she calls the “coups de p*te” of Jacques Legros.

“During confinement, Jean-Pierre had to have 15 minutes on the air.

And each time, Jacques Legros did longer and longer subjects.

Towards the end he only had six minutes left on the air, ”she said, even evoking the term “post-mortem jealousy”.

While the Pernaut family is still mourning the disappearance of the journalist, Nathalie Marquay does not seem willing to forgive.

“How disrespectful to our grieving family.

I really ask myself the question: why this unpacking to sell this book?

Fortunately JP is not there.

And frankly it is better, because we would have had a shock, ”she concluded.


Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Nathalie Marquay pays tribute to her husband and their "eternal love" on stage

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