September 27, 2022

Christian Bale stopped talking to Chris Rock for some funny reason  

When he worked with Chris Rock, on


, David O. Russell's next film, Christian Bale was forced to stop talking to him.

Not because he didn't appreciate his scathing humor (and which earned him a slap in the face during the Oscars, as a reminder), on the contrary: because the comedy is simply “too funny”.

"I remember his first day, I was excited to meet him, I'm a big fan of his stand-up.

David O. Russell told him to tell me stories that I didn't know he was going to tell me, which is how David often works.

And I loved that.

But Chris is so funny and I couldn't play, because I was becoming Christian, the guy who laughs with Chris Rock.

So I had to go up to him and say, 'Dude, I love talking to you and we have mutual friends, but I can't do that anymore.

Because David didn't ask me to do this movie so he could watch me giggle.

He wants me to be Burt, and I forget how to be Burt,” the actor told Indiewire.

Amsterdam will

be released on November 1 in France.

Blake Lively is already planning Halloween  

Balenciaga tops pose a dilemma for Kim Kardashian 

The life of a fashion fan influencer is not easy!

Kim Kardashian knows something about it.

As she explained on

Live with Kelly and Ryan

, the bespoke Balenciaga outfit she wears, an all-black one-piece, makes certain situations difficult to handle.

"It's all in one piece.

So if I have to go to the bathroom, it's complicated, it's hard to eat (and) type on my phone.

It's a real problem, but it also gives me some peace.

Everything is attached so I have to take my top off to text in the car,” she revealed.

If you come across a half-naked Kim Kardashian in her car while driving through California, don't jump to conclusions, she might just be texting!


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