The story of Kalon, this young whale who was saved after being stranded on September 19 on a beach in the bay of Douarnenez, will probably not have the expected happy ending.

The lifeless body of a fin whale about ten meters long was indeed found this Tuesday at the beginning of the afternoon on Tristan Island, near Douarnenez, report the prefecture of Finistère and the marine natural park of 'Iroise.

"Marks on the body suggest that it is the same individual" as the one who was stranded on September 19, a few kilometers further to the port, in Ploéven, before being put back at sea, they said. noted.

“We assume that's the one.

There are concordant elements: the size, the species, the place, "said the park, adding that the cetacean would be moved for an examination to ensure that it was indeed the same. animal.

He hasn't been seen in the last few days.

The Iroise Marine Nature Park teams will take all the necessary scientific samples on site, before the animal's body is evacuated by land.

The causes of death will be investigated.

Many Sea Shepherd volunteers and activists had been occupying the area for several days to monitor the behavior of the calf and prevent another stranding.

But since Friday, the cetacean has not been sighted, either by land observers or those at sea.

Two other whales were stranded a few days apart in Finistère, on the island of Sein, on September 2 and on a beach in Tréguennec, on September 10.


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