Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti on Tuesday denounced the "private law justice" at work in the recent accusations of violence and harassment that targeted several elected officials, judging that it was "time to whistle the end of playtime ".

In the cases concerning Adrien Quatennens and Julien Bayou, "we are in the process of creating a justice of private law which makes absolutely no sense", warned the Keeper of the Seals during a press conference at his ministry.

"I'm tired of this stuff"

"It's extraordinarily dangerous (...) some are devoured by a monster they helped create," lamented the former lawyer.

"The liberation of women's speech yes, even through social networks," said Eric Dupond-Moretti.

“However, social networks cannot be the only unfiltered receptacle of this speech and justice must intervene”.

“There is no code of ethics put in place by this or that party.

There is Justice and there is a Penal Code”, recalled the Minister, qualifying his intervention as a “rant”.

“We are fed up with this stuff (…), Justice is an institution that cannot be set aside.

I am attached to the word of the victims, I am attached to the presumption of innocence, I am attached to a certain number of great principles that our civilized society has taken millennia to develop", he added, "the justice is our social pact and cannot be misguided”.

Bayou and Quatenens set back

Accused of psychological violence against an ex-companion, the boss of the Greens Julien Bayou left his functions on Monday, considering himself trapped by an "untenable" situation in which he cannot, according to him, assert his defense.

No complaint has been filed, nor any judicial investigation opened in this case, revealed in July when the internal cell of EELV on violence and sexual harassment was seized.

Before him, it was LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens who announced that he was stepping back from his role as party coordinator and from his parliamentary work after acknowledging domestic violence that led to the filing of a handrail by his wife.


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