The UK is the perfect holiday destination for solo travelers, couples’ retreats, and, of course, family holidays! The one thing that guarantees a good time is multiple theme parks that there are plenty of, all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With colorful rides and exciting exhibits, these parks are the top attractions to see when you are traveling with children. So, check out the best theme parks in the UK! 

Wonder World Soft Play Park in Glasgow

This colorful heaven of inflatable goodies is one of Glasgow's most frequented entertainment centers, specifically by families. With multiple pitches made for climbing and sliding and equipped to play football, basketball, and even Go Karts, the Soft Spot Play Park will perfectly suit both you and the kids! 

There are plenty of sites well-furnished for youngsters as little as 3 years old! The premises are perfectly safe and insanely fun, and if the cackling and jumping get a bit too intense for the supervising or even attending adults, there is plenty of space to sit down and enjoy a beverage or a snack! 

Warner Bros, Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter in London

Now, this is undoubtedly every kid’s dream, so once you put the idea in their head, you might as well just buy the tickets! 

After your inflatable fun, take the train from Glasgow to London to discover the magical world of Harry Potter! Located at the studio all eight movies were produced, the exhibition includes a close look at the most famous and iconic costumes, a stroll through Diagon Alley, a close inspection of all kinds of things in the Great Hall in Hogwarts, a digital guided tour, and all sorts of engaging, interactive pursuits that are interesting for all Harry Potter fans, no matter the age! 

Keep in mind that you must purchase the tickets as early as possible if you want to make it into your trip. The tours are sold out months in advance, so make sure you are quick about it - this will not be a spontaneous tour! 

Liverpool Indoor Funfair in Liverpool 

After a quick train from London to Liverpool, be prepared to see the world upside down. Literally! With multiple daring rides and rollercoasters, Liverpool’s theme park is one of the most exciting places to spend your afternoon. 

All you have to know lies in the name, really. All the rides and playing grounds are inside, so you can access the funfair at any time, no matter the season or weather conditions! There are plenty of fun activities for children, of course, but there are also more interesting rides that usually only the adults are brave enough to take! 

Most of the time, the Liverpool Indoor Funfair is good with walk-ins, but we suggest calling up in advance and checking availability or even purchasing the tickets beforehand. This way, you will ensure your attendance, and no one will be disappointed! 

Indoor Carusel: 


Clara Lara Fun Park in County Wicklow

The attraction is so famous people often find it included in all kinds of tours to Ireland, especially ones meant for families with kids. 

The best way to guarantee the children are sound asleep by nighttime is simply taking them to Clara Lara Fun Park in Co. Wicklow, as there is such a vast number of activities, the visitors are bound to be exhausted after! 

Indulge in rope climbing, ziplining, obstacle courses, and even canoe riding! Clara Lara is genuinely one of the best choices for some family time, to support one another during a difficult ride, and to encourage and challenge each other in competitive ones! So do not miss out on it! 


Funtasia Theme Park in Drogheda

To get to Drodgeda from County Wicklow, make sure you choose Ireland trains and get ready for the ride of your life! 

Funtasia Theme Park is arguably the very best one on our list, only because it is the perfect mixture of several different theme parks! Equipped with arcades and games, Funtasia is perfect for curious little friends, and yet the further you look, the more you find! They also have an indoor water park, complete with exciting rides, baths, and pools. And if this is not your thing, just head to the 18-hole golf course, or fly through the several ziplines they have stretched across the park! 

One of the most innovative theme parks in the UK, Funtasia, deserves your time and a place on the itinerary. Have fun! 

Go to the theme parks at the end of your trip - this way, you will wake up from all the touring and walking around and go home with a nice kick of adrenaline and fresh memories. So be brave and try out as much as you can! Have fun, kiddo!