"I can't take my ring off, can you help me?" Recently, a man walked into the Yexie Rescue Station of the Fire Rescue Detachment in Songjiang District, Shanghai for help.

It turned out that the index finger of his left hand was tightly "bited" by a series of nested combination rings, which could not be removed after trying various methods.

In the end, the firefighters used professional tools to "demolition" and successfully removed the ring.

  "We took a look and found that the shape of this ring is relatively complicated, with three layers of interconnected nesting, and the ring is relatively tight." Wang Hao, the squad leader of the special service team of Yexie Fire Rescue Station, recalled that the client tried to lubricate it with soapy water and then remove it. Lower the ring, but because the ring is tightly stuck at the joint, it has never been fruitful.

Not only that, but the pain is exacerbated by poor blood flow and swelling of the fingers.

  After careful observation, the firefighters carefully looked for the gap between the ring and the finger, inserted spacers to separate the protection, then held the ring firmly and cut it with tools such as bolt cutters.

"Thank you so much!" After the ring was removed, the man who looked much more relaxed moved his fingers and thanked the firefighters repeatedly.

  (Zhang Jian Zou Tao video source Songjiang District Fire Rescue Detachment)

Responsible editor: [Fang Jialiang]