The Teigeki Building, which houses the Imperial Theater, will be rebuilt along with the adjacent Kokusai Building.

Due to the deterioration of the theater, the Imperial Theater will be temporarily closed around 2025 as it is being rebuilt.

According to the announcement, Toho and Mitsubishi Estate will rebuild the Teigeki Building, which houses the Imperial Theater in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, and the adjacent International Building.

Both the Teigeki Building and the International Building were built in 1966, and the buildings were aging.

The schedule for rebuilding is undecided, but it is said that the building will be reborn as a building that reflects the needs of tenants, such as strengthening earthquake resistance and responding to new work styles and decarbonization, and the Imperial Theater is completed. to resume later.

Toho, who owns the Imperial Theater, said, "We are trying to step forward to the new century while earnestly inheriting the spirit and passion for the stage that have continued since the opening.In the future, with the cooperation of everyone involved, We will proceed with consideration for maintenance."